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Storm Boldery didn’t have any trouble keeping busy after school during the spring sports season at Crothersville.

The senior was a member of the softball and track and field teams both for four years.

“Usually, track started right after school and ended at 4 p.m., and then softball practice would start at 4 p.m. and go until 6 p.m.,” she said.

Boldery threw the shot put and discus in track.

“Shot put was my favorite because I could always get my form down and I was really good at throwing it,” Boldery said, adding that her best throw was 26-3 and that placed her seventh in the Southern Athletic Conference meet.

“I start backward, and I glide, and then I use my momentum and push the shot put out. When you start off backward you have to find your balance and just go with it. I start off getting as low as possible and then I just go backward.”

In the shot, strength plays a large role in achieving distance.

“When I release, I turn and I use momentum to push it up,” Boldery said. “You have to use a lot of arm strength, and also a lot of leg strength as well because you have to push it, and if you get as low as possible you’ll get more momentum.

“I just look up at the sky, and that way it goes further.”

In the discus, Boldery stands toward the front of the ring and turns and releases the plate.

“I use my arm mostly and just whip it out,” Boldery said. “It’s best if you release at an upward angle but keep your hands straight when you release so it has a nice spin, but it also goes straight.”

With unpredictable weather in the spring, Boldery takes all the elements into consideration when throwing.

“Usually, if the wind is blowing left you have to turn a little bit more in the ring so you can throw straighter and it doesn’t go out of bounds,” Boldery said. “I just keep looking straight and focus all my energy and just go with it.”

During her freshman year, Boldery didn’t compete on the track team but said she has been playing softball since she was five-years-old.

On the diamond, Boldery played right field for the Tigers.

She said when a line drive is coming at her “usually the center fielder is the one that will tell me first to go in or go back.”

Boldery said she works with the infielders in front of her on short fly balls into the outfield.

“We have an unspoken rule that if the ball is going to be in between us they’ll take one step in the grass and if they can’t get it, then it’s going to be mine,” she said.

When getting ready to bat, in the on-deck circle, Boldery watches the speed of the pitches so she can get an idea of what she is going to face when she goes up to bat.

“Before I get in the batter’s box I try to look and see how fast she is pitching, and what her routine is and I’ll get that down,” Boldery said. “Their approach is get as low as possible around the knees. I’m thinking ‘it’s too low and I can’t get it,’ and then it is a strike.

“You have to have confidence in yourself and be as aggressive as possible.”

For Boldery, athletics offers more than an after-school activity.

“I like how I’ve made friends over the years,” Boldery said. “Some of the practices are hard, but they’re still fun.”

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Name: Storm Boldery

Parents: Janice and Tim Boldery

Siblings: Torri, David

Sports: Track 4 years, softball 4 years, basketball 2 years

Favorite away field: Charlestown

Organizations: National Honor Society, band, Sunshine Society

Plans after high school: Attend Hanover College

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite TV show: “Dexter”

Favorite band: Foo Fighters

Favorite movie: “The Notebook”

Favorite team: Indiana University

Favorite book: “The Divine Comedy”


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