One year in, more stories to be told


With the 2014-15 high school sports season officially over, it has given me a chance to catch my breath and take a look back on my first year here working in Jackson County.

My first year as sports editor at The Tribune has been nothing short of excellent.

I know it’s not always the easiest transition for readers when a new guy arrives.

I realize that I have a different style of writing than my sports editor forebears and that sometimes it’s difficult to adjust to a new method of storytelling, especially when its been done a certain way for an extended period of time.

In Jackson County, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a great group of coaches, student-athletes, athletics directors, volunteers and parents.

Above all else, I’ve established a relationship with many of you in the community.

As soon as I took the position, I received an outpouring of emails welcoming me not just to the newspaper, but to Indiana.

In the fall, I got a true taste for the passion for athletics. There was no question that our readers demanded (as they should) thorough, accurate, complete coverage.

From packed football games to volleyball sectional championships, soccer games under the lights and cross-country runners headed to state.

Not to mention regional qualifiers in girls golf and record-setting boys tennis players.

Then once winter came around I was a part of the cornerstone of Hoosier athletics: basketball.

I can’t compare Indiana high school basketball games to anything I’ve experienced in my career. From varsity to freshman ball, there’s an unmatched passion for the sport here.

In the winter, I also was able to meet a legendary swimming coach and witness the journey for kids heading to the state meet. I also covered a state-caliber gymnast and watched a wrestling program grow from the bottom up.

Spring, our busiest time of the year in sports, was jam-packed with action.

The season ran from March to the second week of June.

It would take hours to compile a list, so I will leave the spring wrap-up to the forthcoming All-County articles to tell that story.

I always appreciate the comments and concerns about the sports section and will always encourage our readers to contact me with questions or feedback at any time.

The best way to help improve a sports section is to tell the newspaper what you, our readers, want.

With all that said, there’s still plenty of stories to be told until the fall.

We at The Tribune will continue to strive for the best coverage in the state and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Jordan Morey is the sports editor for The Tribune. Send comments to [email protected].

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