What camps will/have you run this summer?

“We just finished up with our youth cheer camp. This was ages preschool to fifth grade. From June 25 to 26 we will have our high school team camp.”

What do you teach at your camps? What do you focus on?

“We teach leadership and skills. The girls learn cheers, chants and a dance. They learn about stretching and cheer jumps. We introduce them to stunting and what it is like to tumble.”

Who else helps you run the camp(s)?

“Sherry Schult and I are a great team. We do the organization and guidance, and the high school cheerleaders run the youth cheer camp. Sherry and I bring in guest choreographers to work with our high school girls for their team camp. We bring in more than one person for our high school camp so the girls hear all about safety and proper technique from more than just us.”

Do you coach any other time during the year?

“I only coach cheer. I help out with my son’s sports whenever possible. However, cheer runs from May to March.”

What’s your favorite part of coaching/mentoring?

“I love the kids. I love to watch them grow as a person. I have several girls on my high school team that I coached back in seventh and eighth grade. To see them teaching younger kids, using the same phrases that I taught them with, is really a special feeling.”

Why do you help with youth camps during the summer?

“Youth camps are a great way to help the high school cheerleaders grow as leaders and role models. Youth camp is a way to let the younger kids experience each sport to decide if this is what they want to do when they get older. It is exciting to watch the older kids and younger kids work together.”

How long have you been running a summer camp?

“This is my third year coaching summer camps with Sherry Schult at Trinity. I also helped with cheer summer camps when I coached cheer at Seymour High School with Carol Lambring and Joan Shuler.”

What is your coaching philosophy?

“Kids learn better if they are having fun.”

Why is it important for kids to get involved in camps during the summer?

“It gets the kids off the couch and out of the house. It lets them interact with high school kids. Young kids witness at an early age that being a good role model is important. It also helps the younger kids with their skills.”

If the kids leave your camp with one thing, what would you hope it would be?

“That sports should be fun. It may take a lot of work to reach your goal, but if you have fun reaching your goal, then all the hard work is worth it.”

— Jordan Morey,[email protected]

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