Seymour High SchoolAwards Day


Seymour High School’s Honors Day program was conducted May 15 at the school.

Class president Katy Nolting led the Pledge of Allegiance, and the senior ensemble sang the national anthem, followed by the welcome from Principal Greg Prange.

The list of scholarship and special awards winners include:

Greater Seymour Trust Fund

Paul S. Hanner Memorial Scholarships Fund: Bobby Kaufman, Kennedy Richart, Quenton Stoner

Dallas Tyler Scholarships Fund: Quenton Stoner, Chloe Wahl

Lydia Mellencamp Nursing Scholarships Fund: Macy Hall, Janae Blackerby

Brad A. Thompson Memorial Scholarships Fund: Joseph Mullis, Andrew Rudge

Charles Forest Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund: Derek Harrell

Mary Hatfield Glasson Scholarships Fund: Preston Otte, Kennedy Richart, Jessica Kelley, Shelby Stephens

Cyril O. and Ora E. Story Scholarships Fund: Katy Nolting, Joseph Mullis

Janette Johnson Deal Memorial Scholarship Fund: Skylar Moore

James T. Thompson Scholarship Fund: Lauren Findley

Make a Difference Scholarships Fund: Savannah Smith, Skylar Moore, Emily Bobb

Anah C. and Willard A. Klakamp Scholarships Fund: Seth Stuckwisch, Alexis Lucas

Sherman H. Berry and Lillian Berry Business Scholarship Fund: Jacob Engel

Louis and Nellie Bauer Scholarships Fund: Savannah Smith, Brittany Peak, Elle Huff

Hamilton Township Alumni Scholarships Fund: Marley Vehslage, Kelley Sharp

Gilbert Koevener Scholarships Fund: Lauren Findley, Corey Combs, Clayton Mettert

John F. and Mary E. Shiel Trust Scholarships: Brittany Trimnell, Kelley Sharp, Shelby Stephens, Chloe Wahl

Renee Hildreth Memorial Scholarship Fund: Madison Hays

Benjamin Everhart Memorial Scholarship: Bobby Kaufman

Lauren Bayon Brown Scholarship: Carissa Baughman

Community Foundation of Jackson County

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship: Andrew Rudge

Charles Frederick Wolter Memorial Scholarship: Jonathan Montgomery

Kenneth N. and Helen Warbritton Memorial Scholarship: Corey Combs

Marcello Trumbo Seymour Alumni Scholarship: Elle Huff

St. Andrew United Methodist Church Scholarship: Taylor Brackemyre

Jay C Food Stores Scholarship: Ethan Ashley

Dr. and Mrs. R. Todd Bergman Scholarship: Lillie Hartman

Ruby and Floyd W. Martin Scholarship: Jessica Kelley

Walter and Cora Schlehuser-Clark and Ruth Thompson Scholarship: Preston Otte

Dr. Charles Trumbo Scholarship: Joseph Mullis

Seymour Firefighter Local 577 Scholarship: Marley Vehslage

Marilyn Mellencamp Scholarship for the Arts: Jenna Hardin

Bob and Eileen Prather Memorial Scholarship: Jaelyn Ogle

Marc Owen Chandler Memorial Scholarships: Derek Harrell, Seth Stuckwisch

Gary E. Plumer Memorial Scholarship: Karen Dringenburg

J. David Vandivier/Dicksons Scholarships: Savannah Smith, Nicole Thompson, Autumn Cooley

Laura Culp Memorial Scholarship: Katy Nolting

Seymour Kiwanis Club Scholarship: Daniel Hauersperger

John Philip Sousa Award: Jenna Hardin

Loretta M. Burd Scholarship from Centra Foundation: Corey Combs, Chloe Wahl

Seymour American Legion Post 89 Scholarships: Chloe Wahl and Lauren Findley (family); Bobby Kaufman (baseball)

Aisin Scholarship: Joshua Edwards

Maurice and May Spray First Generation Scholarship: Harley Engleking, Keegan Bowman

A. F. Robertson Family Memorial Scholarships: Adam Lenart, Preston Otte, Kelley Sharp, Kara Wehmiller

Elks Lodge No. 462 Indiana State Elks Association National Elks Association: Corey Combs

Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarship: Keia Blair

Varnell Memorial Scholarship: Joe Mullis, Marley Vehslage

Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Scholarship: Lauren Findley

Jackson County Masonic Lodge 146 Gary Wirt Scholarships: Taylor Brackemyre, Abigail Gray, Derrick Harrell, Reid Wieneke

Sertoma Scholarship: Emily Bobb

Lincoln College of Technology

Imagine America Scholarship: Cody McFarlin, Daniel Miller

Lincoln Pride Scholarship: Zackary Hankins

Old National Bank Merit Scholarship: Samantha Cravens

IUPUC Scholarships

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship: Jaelyn Ogle

IUPUC Service Scholarships: Christopher Bowman, Olivia Caudill, Jenna King, Samuel Loebker, Jessica Kelley

Ivy Tech Admissions Scholarship: Allison Killey, Sarah Ewing

Jackson County Extension Homemakers Health and Human Sciences Scholarship: Allison Hayes

Indiana 4-H Foundation Scholarships

Jackson County 4-H Club Committee: Marley Vehslage, Macey Warren

Jackson County Auction Committee: Katy Nolting

Jackson County Farm Bureau Inc: Karen Dringenburg

Purdue Club of Jackson County Scholarships: Carissa Baughman, Corey Combs, Adam Lenart, Elle Huff, Lauren Findley, Derek Lillo, Jessica Kelley, Joseph Mullis, Katy Nolting, Andrew Rudge, Kelley Sharp, Delaney Sunbury, Marley Vehslage, Chloe Wahl

Seymour High School Farm Agricultural Advisory Board Scholarships: Karen Dringenburg, Preston Otte

National FFA Built Ford Tough/Bob Poynter Ford: Karen Dringenburg, Jessica Hoevener, Preston Otte

National Ram Truck Bob Poynter Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Ram through National FFA: Lauren Findley, Allison Hayes

National FFA Scholarship: Karen Dringenburg

Jackson County Co-op Credit Union: Jacob Engel, Marley Vehslage

Rumpke Medora Landfill Scholarship: Marley Vehslage

Jackson County Solid Waste Management District Scholarships: Lauren Findley, Preston Otte, Marley Vehslage

Schneck Medical Center Foundations/Allied Health Scholarships: Keia Blair, Katy Nolting, Brittany Trimnell

Seymour Noon Lions Club Scholarships: Janae Blackerby, Emily Bobb, Kara Wehmiller

VFW Scholarships: Keia Blair, Nicole Thompson

Rotary Club Academic Scholarships: Marley Vehslage, Chloe Wahl

Girls Inc. Pauline McDougal Memorial Scholarships: Marley Vehslage, Adriana DePaz

Girls Inc. Women’s Council Scholarship: Adriana DePaz

Jessica Barkman Sports Scholarships: Oriana Morales, Abby Voss, Lauren James

Indiana Blood Center: Joshua Edwards

Seymour Football Parents Club: Clayton Mettert, Jacob Sipes

Semper Fidelis Award: Andrew Rudge, Samantha Silver

Enlistment Appreciation Awards: Morgan Reichenbacker, Michael Mosley, Brayden Engleking

American Red Cross Blood Services Young Minds Change Lives Educational Scholarship: Karen Dringenburg, Emily Bobb, Keia Blair

FOP Lodge 108: Allison Hayes, Preston Otte

The Anderson 2015 Principal’s Choice Scholarship Program: Sarah Ewing

SEPAC Scholarships: Samuel Freeman, Seth Stuckwisch

Alpha Beta Chapter Psi Iota Xi: Emily Bobb, Jenna Hardin

Alpha Beta Chapter Psi Iota Xi Band Clinic: Carson Regruth, Chloe Bryden

Seymour Educational Association Scholarships: Rachel Jenkins, Seth Stuckwisch

Community Foundation Tri Kappa Scholarship: Chloe Wahl

Tri Kappa IU Summer Music Clinic: Brady Rinehart, Sydney Allman

Knights of Pythias: Skylar Moore

Gertrude Burkhart Dobbins Scholarships: Keegan Bowman, Skylar Moore, Corey Combs, Janae Blackerby, Emily Bobb, Harley Engleking, Kennedy Richart

Boys and Girls State Delegates: Cameron Deppen, Tim Molinari, Maya Hauersperger, Victoria Campbell, Lindsey Hume, Morgan Ritz

2015 AP Scholars

AP Scholars: Heather Altepeter, Kennedy Franklin, Elle Huff, Joseph Mullis

AP Scholar With Honor: Seth Carter, Paul Mellencamp

AP Scholar with Distinction: Corey Combs, Daniel Hauersperger, Jonathan Montgomery, Andrew Rudge, Chloe Wahl

Other scholarships

Sheana Harmon/Nikki Storey, Lillie Hartman: Indiana University; Academic Scholarship; Provost Scholarship

Samantha Silver: Butler University; Alumni Legacy Award, Designated Scholars in Education

Madison Hays: University of Indianapolis; Athletic Scholarship, Richard G. Lugar Academic Recognition Award

Karmen Johnson: Florida Gulf Coast University; Blue and Green Director’s Award

Claire Collett: Butler University; Butler Business Scholarship, Butler Merit Scholar

Tiffany Phillips: Purdue University; Class of 1969 50th Anniversary Scholarship; Marquis Scholarship

Brittany Sluder: Indiana University; Covenant Scholarship

Savannah Smith: University of Southern Indiana; David L Rice Merit Scholarship, Indiana Higher Education Award

Lauren Findley: Purdue University; Distinguished Scholar, Fred J. Babel Scholarship

Harsh Patel: Indiana University; Distinguished Scholar, Hutton Honors Award, Provost Scholarship

Skylar Moore: Local Bowling Youth League Scholarship, Louise Lesser Bowling Tournament Scholarship, State Bowling Youth League Scholarship

Emily Bobb: Grace College; Grace Academic Scholarship, Grace Softball Scholarship, Honors Scholarship

Corey Combs: Purdue University; Marquee Scholarship, Horatio Alger Scholarship

Nicole Thompson: Indiana State University; Laptop Award Scholarship, IZOD PVH Scholarship, Academic Merit Scholarship

Elle Huff: Purdue University; Marquis Scholarship

Clayton Mettert: IUPUI; Merit Scholar

Heather Altepeter: Hanover College; Parker Scholarship

Delaney Sunbury: Purdue University; Presidential Scholarship

Brianna Peak: Indiana University; Provost Scholarship

Carissa Baughman: Purdue University; Presidential Scholarship, Marquis Scholarship

Harley Engleking: University of Indianapolis; Richard G. Lugar Academic Recognition Award

Sarah Hoffmire: University of Indianapolis; Richard G. Lugar Academic Recognition Award

Jaelyn Ogle: Seymour Tribune Senior of the Month; IUPUI Chancellor’s Scholarship; Scholarship for studies abroad

Tracie Emmons: Skill USA Scholarship

Jacob Sipes: Concordia University; Music Scholarship

Derek Harrell: Purdue Centennial Grant

Bobby Kaufman: University of Indianapolis; Richard G. Lugar Academic Recognition Award

Karen Dringenburg: Franklin College; Dean’s Scholarship

Daniel Hauersperger: IUPUI Presidential Scholarship; Housing; Study Abroad, Laptop Award

Chloe Wahl: University of Indianapolis; Dean’s Scholarship; Bohn Scholarship Chemistry; Distinguished Young Women Program, Junior Miss First Runner-Up; Junior Miss Academic Scholarship

Kelly Stevens: IUPUI Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

Joshua Edwards: Hanover College; Parker Scholarship

Seth Carter: Indiana University; Provost Scholarship; Dela J. Evans Scholarship; Hudson and Holland Scholarship; IU National Hispanic Scholarship

Macey Warren: Distinguished Young Women Program Scholarship

Rachel Jenkins: Grace College; Miller Merit Award

Kelley Sharp: Purdue University; Calumet Athletic Scholarship; Calumet Academic Achievement Scholarship

Kara Wehmiller: Vincennes University Academic Scholarship

Marley Vehslage: Purdue University; Presidential Scholarship; Tennessee Grocers Education Foundation Scholarship; Georgia Food Industry Scholarship

Other scholarship, classroom academic and activities awards

National Honor Society Senior Leadership: Seth Carter, Corey Combs, Katy Nolting, Andrew Rudge, Macey Warren

Most Outstanding Senior Family and Consumer Science: Kirsten Rice

Visual Arts: Vanessa Varela

Maverick Challenge Business Plan Competition: Karen Dringenburg, Savannah Smith, (fourth place in final round)

Renaissance Awards

Appreciation Scholarships: Lauren Findley, Kelley Sharp

Math Awards

Calculus students receiving eight semesters of A’s: Carissa Baughman, Seth Carter, Corey Combs, Lillie Hartman, Daniel Hauersperger, Jonathan Montgomery, Andrew Rudge, Savannah Smith, Delaney Sunbury, Reno Tanida, Chloe Wahl

Math Contest awards: Andrew Rudge, Daniel Hauersperger, Corey Combs, Jonathan Montgomery, Lillie Hartman

Seymour Middle School Math Hall of Fame inductees: Andrew Rudge, Daniel Hauersperger, Grant Handloser, Hao Li, Josiah Rudge, Nastya Yakovlyeva

Spanish Club Scholarship: Maria Clemente

French Club Scholarships: Savannah Smith, Maria Morales

Latin Club Scholarship: Rachel Jenkins, Macey Warren, and Chloe Wahl

Music Awards (Band)

Senior Band plaques: Heather Altepeter, Ethan Ashley, Carissa Baughman, Stevie Bloom, Isaac Bowman, Vanessa Bustos, Marisol Carlos, Maria Clemente, Samantha Cravens, Karina Cruz, Adriana DePaz, Kara Ellerman, Brayden Engleking, Sam Freeman, Jenna Hardin, Lillie Hartman, Daniel Hauersperger, Elle Huff, James Jones, Noah Lawhead, Miriam Leal, Mariah Lewis, Alexis Lucas, Nicholas Mace, John Meroney, Kyle Meyers, Jonathan Montgomery, Skylar Moore, Maria Morales, Joseph Mullis, Connor O’Mara, Victor Ortiz, Harsh Patel, Andrew Rudge, Graham Sciarra, Hannah Shuler, Samantha Silver, Kelly Stevens, Reno Tanida, Jon Thomes, Rachelle Tinsley, Quenton Stoner, Marley Vehslage, Hannah Weaver, Alan White

Senior Drum Major awards: Jenna Hardin, Samantha Silver

Director’s Award: Reno Tanida, Harsh Patel

Louis Armstrong Award: Connor O’Mara

Patrick Gilmore Improvement Award: Marley Vehslage, Graham Sciarra

Music Awards (Choral)

Director’s Leadership Award: Mariah Lewis

Dedicated Service Award: Julia Polly

Outstanding Male Senior Choral Student: Seth Carter

Outstanding Female Senior Choral Student: Savannah Smith

Social Studies Awards

Excellence in Social Studies: Corey Combs, Lauren Findley, Elle Huff, Paul Mellencamp, Brianna Peak, Kelley Sharp, Delaney Sunbury, Chloe Wahl, Claire Collett, Samantha Cravens, Lillie Hartman, Daniel Hauersperger, Jonathan Montgomery, Joseph Mullis, Andrew Rudge, Marley Vehslage, Carissa Baughman

Male Athletics Awards

Boys plaque and blanket winners: Daniel Hauersperger, Zachary Schlatterer

Boys plaque winners: Ethan Ashley, Keegan Bowman, Ty Christensen, Samuel Freeman, Bobby Kaufman, Paul Mellencamp, Clayton Mettert, Caleb Monroe, Jonathan Montgomery, Anthony Rork, Andrew Rudge, Jacob Sipes, Tristan Sitterding, Drake Spencer, Quenton Stoner, Seth Stuckwisch

Career Male Athlete: Daniel Hauersperger

Female Athletics Awards

Girls plaque winners: Janae Blackerby, Keia Blair, Emily Bobb, Abigayle Carothers, Mazie Caudill, Claire Collett, Karen Dringenburg, Lauren Findley, Macy Hall, Lillie Hartman, Madison Hays, Allison Hayes, Alex Helt, Rachel Jenkins, Mariah Lewis, Maria Morales, Katy Nolting, Kennedy Richart, Mikayla Sexton, Samantha Silver, Audrey Speer, Shelby Stephens, Delaney Sunbury, Lexy Thomasma, Brittany Trimnell, Marley Vehslage, Chloe Wahl, Macey Warren

Girls plaque and blanket winner: Kelley Sharp

Career Female Athlete: Karen Dringenburg

Perfect Attendance Awards: Harley Engleking, Sarah Hoffmeier, Delaney Sunbury, Samuel Freeman

Class of 2015 Scholars candidates: Carissa Baughman, Seth Carter, Corey Combs, Lauren Findley, Lillie Hartman, Daniel Hauersperger, Elle Huff, Paul Mellencamp, Jonathan Montgomery, Joseph Mullis, Harsh Patel, Brianna Peak, Tiffany Phillips, Andrew Rudge, Kelley Sharp, Savannah Smith, Delaney Sunbury, Reno Tanida, Marley Vehslage, Chloe Wahl

Valedictorian: Chloe Wahl

Salutatorian: Daniel Hauersperger

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