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During her four-year career at Trinity Lutheran High School, Liz Hill has spent a lot of time on the volleyball court and softball field.

She has been the Cougars’ starting catcher, and she played all around in volleyball.

In the catching position, Hill has a lot of responsibilities.

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“It has been a lot of fun because you’re the eyes and the voice of the game to say where the ball goes and what plays to run, which pitches to call and where to throw the ball,” she said.

After she receives the signal from the dugout, Hill said she relays it to the pitcher, and they will either agree to throw it or signal to change it if they don’t feel comfortable throwing a certain pitch.

She said the Trinity pitchers have done a good job of hitting the target she puts up.

“Our pitchers are very well-rounded with getting the pitches to where they need to be and executing them well,” she said. “They all end their movements a different way, and they all have different strengths with consistency and speed. The wind can move the pitch the way it comes over the plate sometimes, so we have to be careful on what pitches to call and make sure they’re throwing them in the right spot.”

When a runner is coming in from third base, Hill said she especially has to be tough behind the plate.

“I’ve been tackled at least four times,” she said. “I’ve had many bruises from getting hit with foul balls.”

Offensively, Hill has been in the fifth or sixth position throughout the season. In her four years, she has had six home runs, including hitting two at home.

“I like the outside pitch. Mainly, my hits go to center field,” she said. “I just have to have pitch selection and patience up at the plate. You just look for a certain pitch and then drive it.”

In games, Hill said it helps the team to score the first run.

“Once we get one on, then we keep hitting, and that helps us keep scoring and stay up to win the game,” she said. “We’re just going to have to keep hitting the ball, staying up and playing as a team.”

Last fall in volleyball, Hill played all over the court.

“I protected the left side and covered the middle when Haylee (Barker) and I split the court,” she said.

When she was in the front row, she was an outside hitter on the left side.

“The back row or the coaches would tell us where to hit,” she said on where the Cougars were directed to hit the ball. “Right before we would hit it, they would tell us which way to angle our body or to move our hands.”

Winning the first set in a match is helpful, Hill said.

“That was always a game-changer for us,” she said. “Whenever we won the first set, then that would help us push through and win the next two.”

In both sports, Hill said she liked filling a captain’s role.

“It’s a lot of fun out there talking to the girls, and it’s actually quite rewarding for me to be selected for that,” she said.

Hill also said it’s important to be serious in practices for both of her sports.

“Practice makes the games go a lot better,” she said. “If you slack off in practice, you’re going to slack off in the games, so you always have to work your hardest in practice.”

Staying positive is key, too.

“You have to keep a positive mental attitude,” Hill said. “You can get down, but you have to get over it so you can help your team. It’s not just about one person. Communication is a big part of both sports.”

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Name: Liz Hill

School: Trinity Lutheran High School

Parents: Jason and Lori Hill

Siblings: Zach and Kade

Sports: Softball, four years; volleyball, four years; basketball, one year

Athletics highlights: In volleyball, Cougar Award, most improved award, two-time most valuable player award, helped team win three sectional titles (qualified for semistate once and state once); in basketball, helped the team win sectional once

Home volleyball matches: “I like the crowd and having everybody come out and support us.”

Home softball games: “I like the new dugouts. They’re really nice compared to what they had before.”

Organizations: National Honor Society, choir, Student Ambassadors, student government, dance committee, FFA

Attending Trinity Lutheran: “It’s a family atmosphere, and you’ll always be welcomed at Trinity. I’ve enjoyed all the friends I’ve made and how much all the programs have changed throughout the years and how they started when my brother was here and how much they’ve increased in our abilities and academics, as well. Everybody cares about increasing their abilities to do better on the field and in their Christian attitudes.”

Plans: Attend Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus and study nursing

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite movie: “Remember the Titans”

Favorite team: Cincinnati Reds

Favorite book: “Unbroken”

Favorite quote: “May all I do and say today honor Christ in every way.”


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