Dahlia days: Group seeks more members


A new, local gardening group focused on dahlias is looking to grow its membership.

The Seymour Dahlia Society will meet at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Seymour Library meeting room.

Club leaders will be demonstrating the proper way to plant a dahlia bulb in a simple pot to foster healthy growth.

Dahlias are a versatile choice for gardeners, because of their variety of sizes and colors. There are short-growing varieties and double-flowered, giant versions too.

All varieties, whether grown in the ground or in pots, require partial to full sun, well-drained soil and steady moisture.

There is no cost to participate in Saturday’s meeting or to join the nonprofit group. There are similar clubs across the country that are all part of the American Dahlia Society.

The Seymour Dahlia Society is made up of individuals who have a mutual interest and appreciation for growing dahlias and promoting the flower in the community.

The club’s mission is to enhance the community through the growing, showing and sharing of dahlias.

“Working in a community rather than as individuals makes us much stronger — increasing viability and resulting in a more bountiful harvest,” club president Marilyn Miller said.

Miller said the hobby of growing dahlias is fun and addictive.

The Seymour Dahlia Society meets once a month from March to October, which is the growing season for dahlias.

During club meetings, members learn tips for growing dahlias, can show off their flowers, learn how to do arrangements with dahlias and how to classify the different types.

For more information or to join the club, email [email protected] or visit Seymour Dahlia Society on Facebook.

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