Getting to know the voters


Sitting on a bucket filled with softballs outside the American Legion Annex, Seymour Council District 3 Republican candidate Matt Nicholson greeted people coming to vote and handed them a business card.

That way, if he wins, voters know how to get a hold of him with questions or ideas, he said Tuesday morning.

Nicholson was in a three-way race for the nomination with David Pollert and Kurt Newkirk. All are first-time candidates.

Democrats fielded no candidates for the primary, but Jackson County Democratic Party Chairwoman Jeanette Hackman said that won’t be the case come this fall.

“We will be working hard before then to fill the ballot,” she said.

She wasn’t surprised by the lack of voter turnout in Tuesday’s primary election due to the lack of candidates and races.

Regardless of the results, Nicholson said, he was enjoying the weather and appreciated the support he received from people in his district and others in the community.

“People have been sending me texts and posting things on Facebook today,” he said. “It’s been nice.”

Running for office has been a great experience, he added.

In his weeks of campaigning, Nicholson said, he went door-to-door to introduce himself and talk to people.

“I hit about 60 percent of the two precincts in the district,” he said. “I had the opportunity to meet some great people. One lady had moved here from California and thought the community needs to do more to come together. She had some great ideas.”

Nicholson said he liked the fact that the races have been clean and no candidate is out to bad-mouth another.

“It’s been very friendly,” he said.

But he also said he feels it’s time for some fresh ideas and new voices on the council.

“I feel like we’re kind of boxed in right now,” he said. “And some new people could help us step out of that box and do things differently.”

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