Letter: Trim trees properly for better-looking foliage


To the editor:

I wrote this for local papers about a generation ago, and there has been some improvements in the county. But recently I have seen evidence of tree topping and am disappointed that it is still happening.

Please try to educate yourselves in the property methods of tree pruning. Each type of tree has a distinctive growing pattern which gives the tree an identifiable silhouette in all seasons. This shape adds grace and beauty to a particular landscape.

The tree topping that continues to be done is destroying the natural shape of many trees in this area. Tree topping, which leaves large limbs with broad cuts exposed, subject the tree to invasion by insects and disease.

The tree never again has its natural shape, if it lives to put out new shoots.

Proper pruning of a tree opens it light and air, removes small branches and retains the lines of the tree while protecting the cuts from hazards.

Much information is available from the county extension agent. This includes diagrams giving instruction on the proper ways to cut. Tree trimmers please take advantage of this information. Tree owners please instruct the trimmer you hire not to top your trees.

Nancy Bishop


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