Letter: Is soccer association overstepping authority?


Is soccer association overstepping authority?

To the editor:

The Seymour Soccer Association is banning individuals from public property focused around where spectators choose to sit during the youth recreational games at Freeman Field Recreation Area.

There are no interferences with games or players and no safety issues by where the spectators prefer to sit.

If a spectator does not comply with the orders coming from the association’s referees or board members then they threaten to call the police and evict you from the park.

If the association has specific rules they must follow regarding where spectators sit, then they should not be using public parks on the taxpayers’ dime. None of the other sports at the public parks operate in this manner.

My husband is a disabled veteran and has been a volunteer soccer coach for the past couple of years.

This Jackson County veteran, including his family, was banned from the park by the association due to not complying with treating spectators in such a harsh and disrespectful manner. In my opinion, this is disgraceful for every veteran in this city, county, state and country. This is a very sad representation for Seymour especially since this association is using the city in its name.

We are requesting for the city to publish a copy of the lease for viewing that specifies the rights of use and control the association has at the park.

This includes any notification provided to the public that they have given up their rights to use the property and can be banned from a park that is maintained by our taxpayers’ dollars if they do not comply with what the association dictates. If there are interruptions to games, children or safety that would be understandable, but that is not the case in these situations.

We are requesting a response to this letter from the city regarding the contractual overview with the soccer association. This would include:

Lease commencement date and expiration date

Leasing terms

Any special provisions

Rental rates per square foot

Operating costs to include maintenance, repairs and operations for the games and practices paid by the Seymour Soccer Association and what is subsidized by the City of Seymour

Annualized escalation built into the lease per standard leasing guidelines

Any amortization for tenant improvements built into the lease

Firm term of the lease to include option years for renewal

We are requesting on behalf of the citizens of Seymour for complete transparency of this lease. We request for the city to specify the rights per the lease that the soccer association has at park because they believe they have a lease in place to control the park by banning Seymour citizens at their discretion from the property.

Whether the association is correct and within their rights or incorrect and operating outside of legal leasing terms by taking away the citizens rights to public property, the public needs to be made aware either way.

Christopher and Kimberly Clegg


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