Letter: Thanks to those who helped put out a field fire


To the editor:

Had a field fire out here on Pea Ridge that quickly moved over into our woods. My initial effort to stop it was futile and desperate.

Coming to my rescue was first of all a great neighbor, Tom Willcutt, on a big John Deere with a grader blade who preceded to open a fire break. Then arrived men from Brownstown Fire Department, Owen-Salt Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Driftwood Volunteer Fire Department and Carr Township Volunteer Fire Department who fought breakouts for several hours. Brownstown and Driftwood had excellent equipment and knew how to use what was most needed. Also, Assistant Chief (Earl) Laney and fireman Loy Hanner from Owen-Salt Creek Fire Department demonstrated a tenacious willingness to go after hot spots the old-fashion way — hard work. My greatest appreciation to all these men.

Charles Darkis


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