Clearing out the clutter


With spring cleaning in mind, the city’s Department of Public Works is ready to make Seymour shine.

From April 6 to 10, residents and small businesses can set out larger than normal amounts of trash, debris and recyclables for pickup at no cost.

The annual citywide cleanup campaign has become a tradition that many people prepare for all year, said sanitation supervisor John Edwards.

Last year, the department collected 221.46 tons of trash during Make Seymour Shine Week.

The amount was down, however, almost 190 tons from 2013. Edwards said he thinks that’s because of the city’s larger trash containers.

“They have an impact, because it gives the public more room to put their trash out instead of waiting for one week,” he said.

Edwards said he hopes to see around 250 tons collected this year.

The service is free for up to one pickup load and saves residents on average around $20 or $30, Edwards said.

“It gets our city cleaned up without a charge to the people,” he said.

Items accepted for pickup or drop-off at the DPW facility in Freeman Field include appliances, old furniture, scrap metal, landscaping and remodeling debris and yard waste.

Participation is usually high, Edwards said.

“About everybody participates,” he said.

There’s only a few things the city won’t pick up during Make Seymour Shine Week or any other time of the year.

Due to the state’s e-waste regulations, the city is not capable of handling electronics recycling.

“We won’t take electronics,” Edwards said.

That means people need to find an alternative way to dispose of televisions and computers.

Edwards said luckily the county solid waste management district is offering a free electronics recycling collection from 9 a.m. to noon April 11 at NAPA Auto Parts, 1412 State St.

People do not need to call DPW to participate in Make Seymour Shine Week. All they need to do is set out their trash on their regular trash collection day, Edwards said.

To make it easier and more efficient for DPW to pick it up, trash, metal and yard waste should be separated; also landscaping, wood debris, drywall and remodeling debris should be separated from yard waste such as limbs, grass, leaves and garden refuse.

The only item that requires a special pickup is vehicles. The city will remove junk cars and trucks. The owner, however, must have the title and must call the department ahead of time to schedule a pickup.

During Make Seymour Shine Week, DPW also will pick up up to four passenger vehicle tires per household. The tires may not be from semi-trucks, tractors or other agricultural equipment. Tires also can be dropped off at DPW.

Anyone needing to get rid of old paint cans or other household hazardous wastes, including pesticides, old fuels and cleaner, can drop them off at the DPW facility during regular business hours from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 am. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Paints should be dried using cat litter, sawdust or an oil dry product.

Edwards said the department already has received several phone calls inquiring about Make Seymour Shine and expects workers to have plenty to keep them busy that week.

“We just ask people to be patient with us and we will get it all picked up,” he said.

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Make Seymour Shine Week

When: April 6-10

Procedures for free pickup

-Residential and small business only – curbside

-No phone calls required, except for cars. Call 524-1100 for car pickup. Titles are required.

-Set trash out on your regular trash day – no alley pickups

-Free pickup of all items, up to one pickup load

-Separate trash, metal and yard waste. If trash is in a 30-gallon or smaller container, it will be thrown away.

-Landscaping, wood debris, drywall and remodeling debris are to be separated from yard waste.

-Latex paint must be dried with cat litter, sawdust or oil dry

-Four used passenger tires per household. No semi-truck or agricultural tires

Items accepted for pickup or drop-off:

– Appliances and all other scrap metal including appliances with Freon (no microwaves)

– Yard waste: limbs, grass, leaves, and garden waste

Household hazardous waste: pesticides, old fuels, cleaner, oil-based paint, may be brought to the Department of Public Works, 865 F Avenue East during regular hours from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

-Electronics and asbestos items are not accepted.

For more information: 812-524-1100


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