Man gets 12 years for drug dealing

Tribune Staff Reports

A Jennings County man who recently pleaded guilty to selling his prescription drugs so he could buy heroin has received a 12-year sentence.

Jackson Circuit Judge Richard W. Poynter ordered 59-year-old Richard Reeves of North Vernon to spend seven years of the sentence in prison and three additional years on home detention if Reeves stays out of trouble while in prison.

The remaining two years of the sentence were suspended, and Reeves also received 282 days credit and 282 days credit time.

The plea agreement stems from a Sept. 9 incident in which Reeves sold Percocet (oxycodone) to an undercover officer and a confidential source, according to court records.

That sale was at a parking lot in the 2600 block of East Tipton Street.

Reeves was arrested after the sale during a traffic stop on Stevens Way conducted by Sgt. Ryan Huddleston.

Reeves was initially charged with being a habitual traffic violator, a Class D felony, and dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance, a Class B felony. A Class B felony is punishable by six to 20 years in prison.

During a search, police reported finding the money used to purchase the drugs and a prescription bill from a local pharmacy. During the investigation, police were able to determine Reeves had purchased 15 Percocet pills from the drugstore the same day of his arrest.

Reeves initially told police he drove to Seymour on the day of his arrest to meet someone to get a car part, according to court records.

He later admitted he was going to meet someone to deliver some Percocet to get cash for a heroin purchase he was going to make later.

Poynter also accepted a motion from the state to drop the charge of driving while being a habitual traffic offender.