Bright future

For The Tribune

Two years ago, Trinity Lutheran High School was not allowed to host a sectional football game because the other team refused to play there due to poor lighting.

That likely will never happen again.

Trinity soon will harness new lights for their football field.

Until this past season, Trinity has had to use temporary mobile lights, which are difficult to set up before each game and don’t provide the best lighting for live events.

“This has been a long process in getting the lights installed,” Trinity board member Chad Goecke said. “It will include 56 lights and four permanent poles. We still need a few donors, and are planning on having this completed, no later than August. We would like to thank our donors and Carl Shake from Brownstown Electric for their generosity.”

The football field and new lights not only will benefit the high school programs but also will aid the youth programs.

With permanent lights, other events can be scheduled, without dependence on an outside mobile-lighting source.

“Now, we won’t have the expense of having to rent lights, and I think that will be a huge advantage, and obviously the look of the field, and having proper lighting will be an advantage,” athletics director Aaron Rudzinski said. “It will be easier for us when we prepare for games, and getting things set up. It will be easy to just turn on a switch, rather than having to go out and run lights.”

Trinity football coach Anthony Levy, who came from a powerhouse football program at Ben Davis, said he is excited about the addition of permanent lights.

“This will help our offense, in which, we like to throw the football,” Levy said. “This is a part of the next phase. The first phase involved adding new bleachers. This will make it easier for us to see the football in the air.”

The lights are expected to be completed before next football season.

Trinity did not give final numbers, but to hire out would cost near $220,000, and Goecker said he believes it can be done for $60,000 or less.