Area man charged with stalking

A three-week investigation into reports a man had been stalking a woman led to an arrest Friday night in Seymour.

Derek W. Gillis, 32, of Seymour, faces a Level 6 felony charge of stalking after reports that he kept showing up at the same locations as the woman, police said.

Gillis told investigators he had seen the woman at a fraternal lodge in the past, but she told police she doesn’t remember ever meeting Gillis before she first reported he was stalking her Feb. 11, Jackson County Reserve Officer Scott Davis reported in a news release.

“He said he had known her previously, but she doesn’t recall (that),” Davis said Saturday morning.

Davis said that on Feb. 11 police were told by the woman that Gillis followed her to a civic organization function on Third Street in Seymour.

Police later talked to Gillis and told him to not bother the woman anymore.

“He didn’t follow through,” Davis said.

The woman also was encouraged by police to report any further stalking incidents, which she did Friday, Davis said.

That day, she told police Gillis followed her and a male companion to a location on Sixth Street in Seymour, but Gillis left that location before police could arrive.

Around 10:52 p.m. that evening, police found Gillis at a convenience store at Tipton and Broadway streets in Seymour and he was arrested, Davis reported.

Gillis also faces a Class A misdemeanor charge of possession of a Schedule II controlled substance after police found a vial of injectable testosterone on him during his arrest, Davis said.

He was taken to the Jackson County Jail in Brownstown early Saturday and was being held without bond.

Davis said more charges could be filed by the prosecutor’s office once it completes its investigation.