Where are they now? Levi Nehrt

Name: Levi Nehrt

Age: 31

Hometown: Brownstown

Current residence: Uniontown

Current occupation: Klaes Clinic; doctor of chiropractic/partner.

Family: Wife of 12 years, Jennifer Watkins Nehrt; children, Ella (6) and Nolan (4).

High school and graduating year: BCHS 2002

Sports you did in high school: Football four years, track four years, basketball two years.

Athletic honors/awards/accomplishments: Football conference champion (four years), football sectional champion (two years), track sectional champion in 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash (three years), track regional champion in 100 and 200 (one year), track state qualifier in 100 and 200 (two years), track all-conference (three years), track team MVP (two years), broke 15 varsity football records.

College: Hanover College

Sports you did in college: Football

Major: Pre-med biology

  » Who or what got you into sports?

“My grandfather and uncle are most responsible for getting me into sport. I can remember watching IU games in my grandfather’s basement and then trying to duplicate the dunks or 3-pointers on a small goal. However, my mother is the reason I started to play my favorite sport, football. As fifth-grader, I was dead set I was going to be a basketball player and did not even want to try football. My mother insisted that I try Coach May’s mini camp in the summer, and if it did not like it I did not have to play. I remember coming home after the first day of camp and telling her how awesome football was. So she is the reason I began playing football, and her time and effort to get me to all the practices, weightlifting, etc. is the reason that I succeeded enough to play at Hanover.”

  » What are your favorite memories of high school sports?

“I have too many memories from high schools sports to list all of them, but my two favorite ones are playing Evansville Mater Dei for the regional championship at Brownstown. It was amazing to play in front of that many people. The other is running at the regional track meet my senior year at Bloomington South.”

  » What did you feel was your biggest accomplishment or award and why?

“My greatest accomplishment was winning the 100- and 200-meter dashes at the regional track meet my senior year. It was the culmination of years of practice and sacrifice. I never went anywhere on my spring breaks during high school because I do not want to miss a track practice!”

Why did you choose to play sports in college?

“I was blessed to have the opportunity to play football in college. It was a dream of mine to play at the next level.”

What did you get out of that experience?

“College sports are a lot different than in high school. To me it became more of a job than something that I played for enjoyment.”

Are you still involved in sports today?

“Upon returning to Jackson County after graduating from chiropractic college, I spent two season as the head track coach at Brownstown. Due to time constraints with a growing family and career I was unable to continue. I feel blessed that I was able to pass some of the knowledge I gained from my sports career and affect young people in the same way my coaches did for me.”

Are your children involved in sports?

“Like my mother did for me, Jenn and I are in the process of introducing different sport to our children. Ella is participating in dance and tee ball. Nolan is involved in tee ball and soccer.”

How did sports affect your life?

“Participating in sports was a big part of my childhood. When I was young, sports provided me with fun and entertainment. As I grew, sports taught valuable life lessons: how to be a part of a team, the rewards of hard work and most importantly what it takes to succeed. I applied these lessons not only in high school but later in college and now in my career.”

Do you have any advice for kids about getting involved in sports?

“My best advice to kids is to simply get involved with a sports team. The lessons discussed above are best learned on an athletic team. In a world of immediate gratification, video games and endless TV, being a part of a sports team is more critical than ever for the kids in today’s world.”

Do you have any hobbies?

“I am an avid outdoorsman. I love hunting, fishing and camping.”

Do you have any favorite sports teams?

Indiana Hoosiers and Indianapolis Colts.