Meth dealer gets 20 years


A woman tied to a methamphetamine ring that spanned from Jackson County to California recently received a 20-year prison sentence for dealing in the stimulant.

Shawnda England, 40, of Austin, received that sentence from Jackson Circuit Judge Richard W. Poynter after he accepted her agreement to plead guilty to dealing in methamphetamine, a Class A felony.

The conviction stems from an incident May 28, 2014, when England met with a confidential source at a business in Seymour, according to Seymour Detective Brian Moore’s report.

Once inside that business, the source handed England’s husband, Shannon England, $275 for 3½ grams of methamphetamine, Moore said. Shawnda England also handed the source some marijuana to try, police said.

On June 6, police interviewed the couple at Seymour Police Department, police reported.

The discussion during that interview was not only about the undercover drug buy a month earlier but also about their involvement with a large methamphetamine distribution organization, according to court documents.

The organization, which police called the Mike Davidson organization, was responsible for numerous pounds of methamphetamine being distributed to Jackson County and surrounding areas during the previous couple of years, police said.

The head of that organization, Mike Davidson of Colton, California, had been arrested a couple of days prior to the interview with the Englands, according to court records.

Moore said Davidson had been shipping 10 to 15 pounds of methamphetamine a month to the area. He then would fly here from the West Coast, rent a car and drive to a storage unit in Edinburgh where he kept his supplies before distributing it.

Moore said Shannon England told investigators he knew about Davidson’s organization for several years after a friend introduced him. He said another friend, Jackie D. Brown of Medora, was one supplier he worked for who would receive “pounds at a time” from Davidson. In turn, Shannon England would receive his share of several ounces a week and sold most of his drugs to a man in Bedford.

Both Davidson and Brown were indicted June 24, 2014, on federal charges in connection with methamphetamine dealing. They have since pleaded guilty to those charges and been sentenced, Moore said.

Shannon England’s jury trial for dealing in methamphetamine is set for May 12 in Jackson Circuit Court.

He admitted to police he gave drugs to his wife to deal, police report.

Shawnda England told investigators she didn’t sell to that many people and named a few, including one in North Vernon and another in Seymour, who she sold a half-gram to for $50, police said.

If Shawnda England serves the first 16 years in Class I credit and without loss of good time credit or for violation of rules, she would be eligible to serve the remaining four years on home detention with an electronic monitor supervised through Jackson Jennings Community Corrections or another court-approved program, according to Poynter’s sentencing order.

She will have to submit to an alcohol and drug program as part of her sentence, and she received 218 days credit and 218 days credit time for her time spent incarcerated.

Moore said there are others arrested in connection with the same investigation who either have a trial coming up or haven’t pleaded guilty yet.

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