For some, sports is a family business


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Chris Mains hasn’t had many quiet nights at home this winter.

The reason is because he is the girls’ junior varsity basketball coach at Crothersville High School.

When he’s not involved with the girls’ program, Chris might be checking the calendar for the next Crothersville boys game since he has a son, Micah, on that team, and a daughter, Abby, that is a cheerleader.

“It actually works out for me with Abby cheering for the boys. I get to see them all at the same time. I get to see Micah play and Abby cheer. It’s not as hectic as you might think,” Chris said.

Chris has enjoyed working with head coach Kevin Hensley for the past several years, although he had a chance to join Greg Kilgore and the boys’ coaching staff last summer.

“The temptation was to go to the boys’ program this summer,” Chris said. I was asked to help out, but I’ve been with Kevin so long that I felt a little bit of loyalty there. I’ve been with these girls so long, five or six years now that I want to see them get the school’s first sectional championship.”

Mains said he tries to limit his coaching to working with the girls.

“I’ve always tried to be one of those parents that didn’t really interfere with (coaching Micah),” he said. “It’s hard not to keep my mouth shut, but yes, I put my two cents in sometimes.”

Alexis Adair is a member of the Crothersville girls team, and her father, Todd, is a varsity assistant coach.

Alexis said that has been an enjoyable experience.

“It has helped me a lot,” she said. “He’s always there for me. He supports me through everything. He’s there for every girl on the team. He’s there to help us get through everything. He comes to the games to help me out and make me better. I appreciate the support, and I love it, and I listen to it all night long when I get home from ball games.”

Several other basketball coaches in Jackson County high schools also have sons or daughters on teams.

Karla Rieckers at Brownstown Central also has special interest in the girls and boys teams.

She is coach of the school’s girls, and has a daughter, Kasandra, on the team, while her son, Derek is a member of the boys team.

LeeAnn Borden, girls’ junior varsity coach at Brownstown, has a son, Cole, on the boys’ team.

Mark DeHart is a boys varsity assistant coach at Brownstown and has a son, Collin, that is a member of the varsity.

Kilgore’s step-son, Tyler Luedeman, is a member of the Crothersville boys’ team.

Brad McCammon is girls head coach at Medora, and his daughter, Carley, is a member of the team this winter, while Brian Stuckwisch is boys’ junior varsity coach at Trinity Lutheran, and his son, Luke, is a member of the varsity.

Twins Matt and Mike Jones are members of the Medora basketball team.

There are several cousins involved in the basketball programs, as well as siblings that are managers, cheerleaders and band members, and some of the players have parents that are middle school and elementary coaches.

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Brownstown Central

Kasandra and Derek Rieckers


Connor and Parker Adams


Victoria and Breanna Pfeiffer

Matt and Mike Jones

Trinity Lutheran

Laney and Piper Acton


Isaiah and Keighana Thomas

Seymour swimming

Allison and Molly Hayes

Jon and Sarah Montgomery

Lillie and Grace Hartman

Levi and Kyle Pfaffenberger

Seymour wrestling

John and David Shuffitt

Zack and John Newton


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