Valentine’s: Fact or Fiction?


Tribune staff photographer Aaron Piper asked people “Do you think Valentine’s Day is a real holiday?” Here are their responses:

“It’s a real holiday because it’s my anniversary.”

Kate Gilliatt, Paoli

“It’s a real holiday because it’s my parents’ anniversary.”

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Sarah Peters, Vallonia

“For the ladies, yes, for the guys, not so much.”

Ron Duncan, Seymour

“I think it’s more important for women than men.”

Micah Hartley, Seymour

“I guess. You could say it is a holiday but it’s for individual people. I think it is more a holiday for yourself sometimes. Just because you don’t have someone else for the day, doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself and treat yourself special.”

Marvina Chavarria, Norman

“Yes, I do because we need a special time to slow down and tell people we love them. We get distracted and forget to take time for loved ones.”

Sara Brockman, Seymour

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