Donations push basket fund tally to $9,705


Basket fund

Donations push total

to more than $9,700

Donations to the Christmas Basket Fund grew to $9,705 on Monday with recent donations totaling $1,310.

The newest donations are: Merry Christmas Toby $25, from your favorite sister, “Love ya” Susie; In memory of Robert, Reneva and D.R. Riordan $100, from Blub, Merry Christmas; Merry Christmas $100, from the Barnes family; Anonymous, $20; $100 from Robert and Sylvia Woodard; In memory of Lednard Stewart $50, from Virginia and Cecil Stewart; In honor of our veterans $100, from Veterans of Foreign Wars Men’s Auxillary Post 1925; In memory of Jackie L Reichenbacker $125, from Shirley Reichenbacker, Ron and Donna Reichenbacker, Mike and Connie Hollin, Jason and Vera Reichenbacker, Travis and Jamey Dillman, Mark and Kristy Tyler, Louie and Randi Pijarnsan, Ben Hollin and Chynna Williams; In memory of Christopher M Hollin $25, from Mike and Connie Hollin and families; In memory of DR Riordan and Dan Sturgeon $50, from Don Pridgen; In honor of Toby Milroy $30, from Jayson, Sarah and the girls; In loving memory of our dad, Bud Anderson and sister, Brenda Howell Allman, always in our hearts $25, from Charlene, Jackie, Randy, Timmy and Buddy; In memory of Walter Cox $60, from the employees of Jackson County REMC; In honor of our mom and dad, Joe and Ruby Deppen, and our sister, Pam Lawson $100, from Phyllis and Odas Higginbotham, Donna and Ron Reichenbacker, Rita and Joe Deppen, and Lisa and Shawn Deppen; In memory of Bill and Joann Bedel and Arthur and Agnes Bradley $100, from Greg and Rosie Bedel; Merry Christmas to all $200, from Veterans of Foreign War Post 1925; In memory of Dean and Madeline McKain, Erwin and Esther Wischmeier, and Julie Moore, $50 from Curt and Mary Ellen Wischmeier;

$50 Anonymous.

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