Law enfocement warns of recent phone scam


The North Vernon Police Department is warning Jennings County residents of a phone scam that involves a caller contacting the resident and telling them they have a warrant for arrest.

The caller instructs the resident to call a number to clear up the matter. When a resident calls the second number, the answering person says he or she is a police officer and gives instructions on paying a fine or posting a bond by phone, according to a media release.

North Vernon Police Department urges people not to do this because it said it doesn’t accept payments for fines or bonds. Any residents who receive calls of this nature should not surrender account or card information by phone.

The police said residents should record names and phone numbers you receive and report them to local law enforcement.

Resident who try to verify the calling number through caller ID will see the calling number is either all 7’s (800-777-7777) or a legitimate number for dispatch or the police department. However, residents shouldn’t be fooled because computer technology allows a scammer to mask their calling number, police said.

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