Letter: Reactions in Ferguson paint warped picture


To the editor:

Would somebody enlighten me as to what breaking into businesses and stealing all sort of items has anything to do with protesting your opinion.

These people are nothing but thieves and should be treated as such.

In my opinion the young gentleman was a bully and thought he would bully a city police officer the way he bullied everyone else. It is sad that he died from his mistakes; but on the other hand, you have to commend the police officer for not doing any more than what he did.

If you are fighting with an individual for possession of your firearm, I do not know if I could control myself not to empty my sidearm on the individual.

A policeman has rights to protect himself and the citizens who he is sworn to protect and serve. May God forgive everyone’s action that day and help control the situation going on in Ferguson.

Hubert Gregory


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