“What I’m Thankful for” Vignettes


Tribune staff photographer Aaron Piper took to the streets Wednesday and asked: What are you thankful for?

“Having such a great family.”

Jacob Smith, Seymour

“Having so many supportive people to help get through everything.”

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Courtney Faulkner, Seymour

“For so many things; wonderful family, good job, so many caring individuals, my Christian faith and lots of food.”

Janice Read, Seymour

“Thankful for God, Jesus and all the things they did for us. I’m thankful for family and my grandson, who I absolutely adore.”

Don Luecke, Seymour

“For pumpkin pie from Aunt Carol.”

Joey Larison, 10, Seymour

“No school on Thanksgiving break.”

Hayden Larison, 12, Seymour

“For family. For someone who cooks for us and for a place to gather.”

Lynnette Larison, Seymour

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