Weather slows work at school


Since August, a project to expand and upgrade Margaret R. Brown Elementary School has been hindered by rain.

Now, with snow and cold

weather setting in, workers

for T&G Construction of

Bedford haven’t been able to

consistently put time in on

the project.

“With snow and single digits, you really can’t do as much,” said Dave Stark, supervisor of buildings and grounds for Seymour Community Schools.

Jamie Lake, architect with Kovert Hawkins Architects of Jeffersonville, said that, despite the weather, he’s confident the

addition to the school will be completed on schedule.

“The plan is to have the new addition completed during the summer and ready for use by the start of the next school year in fall 2015,” Lake said.

When the project is finished, the school will have four new kindergarten classrooms, an additional smaller classroom and new restrooms on the northeast part of the building. Some existing areas in the building will be renovated and repurposed to make the layout of the school more efficient and safe.

There also are plans to change bus parking and student drop-off areas.

So far, Lake said, they have completed the relocation of the kindergarten playground to make room for the expansion and have finished site utility work, grading, drainage, and pouring footings and foundations. They are working on concrete floor slabs, masonry walls and structural framing.

The project has a price tag of $2 million with $1.6 million going to construction of the 9,666-square-foot addition and $400,000 for interior renovations. It is being funded through the sale of bonds, which the school board approved at the end

of 2013.

Brown Principal Tony Hack said the upgrades will allow the school to have extra space, which will in turn, allow for more small-group and individualized instruction.

He said the additional restrooms, designed for younger-aged kids, are needed.

“It’s going great. It’s really positive, and the crew has been phenomenal to work with,” Hack said of the project.

So far, there’s been no major interruptions for students or teachers because of noise, he added.

Stark said workers have been diligent on the job but just need a little sunshine to get things moving faster.

“We’ve lost some days, but they are a pretty hardy bunch,” he said of the workers. “If we get some good weather, we’ll get caught up and be on schedule.”

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