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This is Chris Fluhr’s fourth year of playing basketball at Medora High School.

He said the fun part about that is the family atmosphere.

“Our whole team is like one big family,” Fluhr said. “We all get along. Everybody looks out for everybody. Our team pulls all the kids closer together. We help each other out in school. It’s a lot easier when you get along with everybody.”

Fluhr is a role player. He said that when he goes into a game he tries to help the team with a basket, a rebound or a steal.

“I go in in relief. So when I’m in there, I basically fill in for certain players, give them a break and help out the team the best I can while I’m in,” he said.

Fluhr said he tries to use his strength to his advantage.

“Mainly, I’ll play defense on one of the bigger guys,” he said. “I’ve been one of the more muscular kids here at the school, so I get in there and push around one of the bigger guys to stop them from scoring.”

When he is on offense, Fluhr said, “Normally, I play on the block, but I’ll try moving out as much as I can because I’m not really as tall as I need to be to play inside.”

He said he likes to go outside and shoot.

“I’m not a big fan of the post,” he said. “I would rather play against a man defense. In a zone, when I get down there, they always collapse on me, and it’s harder for me to score.”

He said the team needs to do a better job of moving the ball.

“We’re going to have to feed the post more and get our outside shooters hitting,” Fluhr said. “They’ve started hitting lately; and if they keep it up, we should be able to start winning.”

Fluhr said he prefers going one-on-one with his opponent on defense.

“I like man-to-man defense,” he said.

He said the Hornets need to do a better job of switching on screens because it seems like opposing players have been getting too many open shots in recent games.

Fluhr said he began playing basketball in sixth grade. For his first two years of high school, he played junior varsity for coach Rudie Crane. Last year and this year, Fluhr has been on the varsity team, which is coached by Andrew Evertts.

“I’ve enjoyed playing for both of them,” Fluhr said. “I liked playing for Rudie quite a bit, honestly. He’s probably one of my favorite coaches, but Evertts is pretty good, too. He seems like he knows what he’s talking about. We’re pretty well-prepared. (Evertts) normally scouts the teams we’re going to play and lets us know what they’re going to do.”

Fluhr said he works hard in practice so he is mentally and physically ready for every game.

“Quite a bit of it would have to be mental toughness because if you get out there and start freaking out and get down in a game, you’ll lose,” he said. “There are so many factors that will run through your mind while you’re out there, and you have to actually be able to keep your mind in the game. If you let your mind go, you’re done.”

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Name: Chris Fluhr

School: Medora High School

Parents: Mike and Tina Fluhr

Siblings: Michael, Travis, Christina and Sarah

Sport: Basketball, four years

Home games: “Everybody in the school shows up. You know everybody here, and having all the fans support you is great. Having them cheer for you is nice. ”

Favorite away gym: “My favorite gym would probably be West Washington. I like how their gym is sunken in.”

Basketball: “I’ve been able to run around with my buddies and had fun playing basketball. After basketball games or days before, we’d stay at each other’s houses. It’s just fun doing all that stuff.”

Attending MHS: “The classes are small enough that you know everybody. You know most of the kids in all the classes except some of them that move in. The classes are small, and you pay attention to the teachers more, and they know who you are instead of having a huge class and not getting direct attention.”

Plans: Enter workforce

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite TV show: “Prison Break”

Favorite movie: “Fast Five”

Favorite team: Ohio State Buckeyes


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