Braves of the Month recognized

BROWNSTOWN — The Brownstown Central Community School Corp. board of school trustees recognized the Braves of the Month during a meeting Tuesday night at the middle school.

Those honored were sophomore Lilly Wayt, seventh-grader Cooper Schroeder and kindergartner Corbin Peters.

Brownstown Central High School Principal Joe Sheffer said Wayt was nominated by teacher Sharon DeHart.

“Lilly’s achievements and success in the classroom are a testament to her work ethic and her responsibility to take ownership of her education,” DeHart wrote. “Lilly comes to school prepared and ready to do her best every day. She has a willingness to help others and chooses to do what is right, even when it may not be the popular thing to do. Lilly indeed makes Brownstown Central a better place.”

Brownstown Elementary School Principal Marty Young introduced Peters as the Little Brave of the Month and then read teacher Michelle Elliott’s nomination letter.

“Corbin is such a joy to have in my kindergarten class,” Elliott wrote. “He is so kind and just has the best personality. He is always there to console others when they are down and gives them a little pat on their back. Corbin is easy to talk to, and I especially love our conversations about our dogs. He is a bright light and can bring a smile to anyone’s face.”

Young agreed with Elliott.

“I can attest to all those things,” he said. “When he comes in in the morning, he is really good to see, and he makes everyone’s day better.”

Brownstown Central Middle School Principal Doug McClure said Schroeder was nominated by the seventh grade teachers.

“Though Cooper is a quiet student, he actively engages with classroom activities and works well with his classmates,” the teachers wrote. “He is trustworthy and dependable. For every progress review period, Cooper has been on level, keeping his grades strong and turning in work as assigned.

“Throughout his time at BCMS, he has achieved honor roll every trimester. He comes to class prepared, organized and ready to learn each day. The seventh grade teachers sincerely appreciate Cooper’s positive attitude, kindness toward others and skill set that he brings to class. Cooper is a positive addition to any class, and we consider it a privilege to be his teachers.”

McClure said he doesn’t know Cooper very well because he is a quiet student.

“If you want anybody in school who is steady and dependable, this is your guy,” McClure said. “He doesn’t have a lot of highs, and he doesn’t have a lot of lows. (He) comes to school every day knowing there’s a job that he needs to do, and he does it.”