Novel Idea: Lacy Kinnett

Name: Lacy Kinnett

Job title: Circulation assistant for the Jackson County Public Library

What’s the name of the book and author you are recommending?

“The Inmate” by Freida McFadden.

What made you want to pick up the book in the first place?

My coworkers have been raving about her books, and I just had to pick one up. This is the only one I could get ahold of right away. They’re very popular.

Once you got into the book, what made you want to keep reading it?

This was one of those books that once you get started, you can’t put it down. Her writing style and stories pull you in quickly. The creepy details and mystery of what really happened keep you up reading all night.

Once you finished this book, what did you like about it?

I always love a good thriller/mystery. She’s very good at making you guess and assume things up until the very end and finishes with a crazy twist you never saw coming.

What is this book about?

A woman who lived through a murderous night as a teen that claimed the lives of her friends goes home after parents’ sudden death. She sees it as a new start with her troubled son, who no one knows about since her parents sent her away when the found out she was pregnant. She’s now a nurse who takes a job at the only place to call her back, the prison her ex-boyfriend is being held at. Chaos unfolds as secrets come to light, and she tries to remember that fateful night and who really tried to murder her.

Why would you recommend this book to others?

I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good thriller. This one especially had twists I never imagined, and now, I’m hooked on all of her books. I look forward to reading more as soon as I can get my hands on them.