Families fill downtown Seymour for Halloween events

Even at a downtown Seymour Halloween event, the rivalry between Indiana University and Purdue University is alive and well.

Wearing a gray wig and a red sweatshirt with the IU logo and carrying a red chair ready to be thrown any minute was Jude Roberts, 8, portraying former IU men’s basketball coach Bobby Knight.

Wearing a black suit, a white shirt and a black and gold striped tie, slicking his hair to the side and carrying a basketball was Cameron Galbreth, 7, portraying former Purdue men’s basketball coach Gene Keady.

The best friends were with their families Monday night going from business to business collecting candy during Seymour Main Street’s annual Downtown Trick or Treat.

On this night, the only rivalry between the two former coaches was who was going to get the most candy. They actually worked together as a duo while entering the Halloween costume contest Monday night, organized by the Seymour Evening Lions Club.

Also with Galbreth was his sister, Megan Galbreth, 11, who was dressed as Cruella de Vil from the movie “101 Dalmatians.”

“We have been to this since (Megan) was a baby, every single year,” their mother, Kylie Galbreth, said. “She has won a couple of times in the costume contest, and (Cameron) has won a couple of times. That’s why we thought, ‘Well, we’re going to do a duo this time and see if we can win that one.’ We just came up with the idea, and we presented it to the kids, and they were all about it. They were ready to do it.”

Stephanee Squires-Roberts was glad her son and his friend were on board, even if they constantly smack talk the other’s favorite basketball team.

“They are best friends. (Jude) obviously likes IU. (Cameron) obviously likes Purdue. It was a match made in heaven,” she said, smiling.

Monday’s Halloween festivities also featured the Lions Club’s annual Halloween Parade between Downtown Trick or Treat and the costume contest.

The parade was led by a Seymour police vehicle and a Seymour firetruck, followed by the Seymour High School Marching Owls and Guard, the Radio 96.3 Cool Bus and local residents walking in costume.

“I think it’s awesome. It brings out a lot of people, and it’s good even just for anybody to come out,” Kylie said of the events.

“Anything to get the downtown moving, it’s a good thing,” her husband, B.J. Galbreth, said.

Downtown Trick or Treat brings businesses along Chestnut and Second streets alive around Halloween each year. Even companies, businesses and organizations not in the downtown participate by setting up on a sidewalk or in a park and handing out candy and other treats.

Sitting in a chair in front of Greemann’s Furniture on South Chestnut Street was Stacy Brooks. She was dressed as a witch while handing out candy.

“I’m a good witch, though,” she said, smiling.

This was her second year to participate.

“I so enjoy seeing the kids and the smile on their face,” she said.

She likes seeing the creative costumes kids and their families come up with for the event.

“There’s such a big variety of kids. It just makes it fun,” she said. “It’s nice to see them get a smile put on their face.”

As a person who works downtown, Brooks sees the importance of events like Downtown Trick or Treat.

“I just think it’s great all around,” she said. “It brings out a lot of people that see a lot of the businesses maybe they’ve not shopped with before. It brings them downtown just to get them more familiar with who is around.”