Dog show brings humans and furry friends together for a cause

With the heat subsided in the early morning on Saturday, dogs of all shapes and sizes wagged their furry behinds over to the Keach Parking Lot on the corner of Fourth and Walnut streets in downtown Seymour for some friendly competition.

Russ was the lucky one of four other Basset Hound siblings, owned by Brittany and Sabastian Johnson of Seymour, to compete in the longest ears category and precious puppy category at the annual Dog Days Dog Show. The event is organized by the Humane Society of Jackson County.

While this was their first time competing, the couple said they enjoyed seeing other breeds of dogs and hoped to see other Basset Hounds while they attended.

The couple said as a family with five howling hounds, it can sometimes be a little chaotic.

“They are always wild when we get home, but 10 minutes later, they are couch potatoes,” Sabastian said.

“Also, our neighbors love them, so we don’t have any complaints,” Brittany said.

It was hard for the couple to pick just one thing they like about all of their dogs, but they said they love how affectionate they are toward them.

“Most people get a dog and want attention from the dog, but these dogs want attention from you. They just love people,” Sabastian said.

With high hopes of winning the longest ears category, Russ was able to take home the gold trophy to his older siblings, Luna, Stella, Cooper and Poppy.

Not only was Russ happy taking home a trophy, but the couple felt good knowing they were helping out a good cause.

“We have been donating to the Jackson County Humane Society since they have started on the new building, so anything that we can do to support them,” Brittany said.

Across the parking lot, AmyJo Miller of Seymour waited with her noble furry friend, Sir Galahad, as he was dressed in a soldier’s vest and title written proudly on a shield strapped to the vest. Sir Galahad waited for his other furry friend, Princess Marshmallow, before signing up for best costume.

“I just love his personality. He sits at my feet and guards my door. He likes to protect me,” Miller said.

While Sir Galahad said hello to passing dogs, Miller shared the importance of supporting animal-friendly events.

“It’s nice to get the community together and get other dogs together to have them interact socially and become kinder animals,” she said.

Miller said this was Sir Galahad’s first time competing, but she wasn’t nervous. She was just excited to spend the day with her furry friend.

“It’s important that we have shelters like the Humane Society so these animals find good homes and lifelong partners,” Miller said.

While people continued to register their animals in the contest, Girl Scout Troops 1236 and 1239 prepared for the hot dog hunt. Throughout the show, the goal for dogs that compete is to see who is the fastest to sniff out the hot dog.

“As a troop, we always like to give back to the community, and as part of Macy Casner’s troop, we have been part of the Dog Days Dog Show for years helping out with the Humane Society,” said Holly Fields, one of the troop leaders.

Before the competition began, Seymour Police Chief Greg O’Brien took a minute to speak about the department’s own rescue dog — Buddy — and the German Shepherd, has helped them through hard days.

“A couple months ago, we started bringing in therapy dogs for dispatchers and officers, and dispatch said they wanted a dog,” O’Brien said. “I was working on a proposal to submit to the mayor and then went on vacation, came back and then got a text message that said they picked up a dog from the Humane Society.”

O’Brien pointed out Buddy’s hind legs were trimmed downed farther than the normal German Shepherd because his hair was matted from being unkempt for a long period of time from neglect.

Buddy now lives happily in the dispatch office of the police station and is taken to the dog park daily by the night shift crew to run around.

With dogs competing in many different categories, such as best smile, longest ears, most hair, waggiest tail, precious puppy, most resembling owner, most unique, best dressed, best paw shaker and best trick, it was finally time for best rescue story, which only had one entry.

Ellen Mirer brought out her beagle, Gigi, and described her as a “foster fail.” Gigi came from Scott County and lived the majority of her life in a kennel and was used only for breeding. The owners decided they did not want Gigi anymore and turned her in to the shelter.

“The Humane Society of Scott County pulled her out and I was to be her foster, but as you can see, I failed, “Mirer said. “I had to keep her, and as you can see now, she lives a good life.”

Thirty-six dogs and 30 owners from Seymour, Brownstown, Crothersville, Medora, Columbus and Brown County were present. Dr. Paul Rennekamp from St. Francis Pet Hospital, Kim Louden and Heather Carter were the judges for the event, and local disc jockey Jay Hubbard with 92.1 NASH Icon was the emcee.

Registration fees and monetary donations go toward various expenses related to caring for dogs and cats that come into the Humane Society’s shelter, including medical treatments for the many that come ill or injured.

Sponsors of the event, Paws-N-Klaws Pet Parlor and the Jackson County Visitor Center, provided advertising and treat bags, door prizes were donated by Pet Supplies Plus and Purple Shamrock Farm and Cottontwine Design and PhotoTBerry Photography were vendors.

Winners of the 2023 Dog Days Dog Show

Most Hair: Fozzy, Newfoundland, Amy Birk

Longest Ears: Russ, Basset Hound, Sabastian Johnson

Best Smile: Sir Galahad, Corgi, AmyJo Miller

Waggiest Tail: Link, Labrador mix, Jana Wheeler

Precious Puppy: Ruby, Chihuahua, Kaytlin Stout

Most Unique: Hank, Mini Dachshund, Alisha Hoskins

Most Resembling Owner: Berni, Mini Bernedoodle, Presley Ebener

Best Dressed: Bridget, mix, Ellen Mirer

Best Paw Shaker: Luka, Border Collie, Jennifer Jump

Best Trick: Disco the Wonder Pup, mix, MaryAnna and Aaron Moore

Best Rescue Story: Gigi, beagle, Ellen Mirer

Oldest Dog: Betty, beagle, Ellen Mirer

Hot Dog Hunt: Anastasia, Mini Dachshund, Tammy Bode