Seymour welcomes new firefighter

Seymour recently added a new firefighter to the roster.

During the Seymour Board of Public Works and Safety meeting July 27, Tyler Wayt was welcomed to the Seymour Fire Department.

Wayt grew up in Cortland and was raised by Lavella Wayt and Richard Schryer. He is married to Brittany Wayt, and together, they have three kids, Aiden, Kylie and Dalton.

Wayt said he wanted to join the fire department because he enjoys helping the community, and the job always provides something different every day.

“Some good qualities of a firefighter are being a team player, being able to make quick decisions and wanting to better yourself for the job,” he said.

Wayt hopes to learn the ropes from many of the seasoned firefighters to use their knowledge and apply it to help the community and others.

“I would have to say my inspiration would be my wife and kids,” he said. “I want to make them proud and show them that no matter how hard something is to achieve, if you work hard, it will pay off.”

When he is not working, Wayt said he enjoys hunting and fishing with his family.