2023 Seymour Owls volleyball preview

Coach Angie Lucas said she has had the Seymour volleyball team spend a lot of time working on defense during the preseason.

“We feel our defense is going to be one of the strongest defenses we’ve had in a very long time,” she said. “That is exciting for us because we haven’t had that. We haven’t had that ball control passing and good defensive play. All three levels are going to have some strong defensive players. It’s very exciting to see that. It changes the whole way we do things.”

Lucas said there are 29 players on the varsity, junior varsity and freshman teams.

“I think the fans will be really excited to see this team,” she said. “What we don’t have are strong power hitters. It’s hard to replace those four-year starters right away, but I will say our hitters are working really hard. By the middle and end of the season, it is going to be a different looking team for us, so we’re excited about that, as well.”

The seniors are Raeann Baker, Journee Brown, Breanna Lawrence, Delaney Thomasma and Katherine Veatch.

Topping the list of attackers is Brown.

“She brings so many dynamics to the court,” Lucas said. “She is a strong blocker. Defensively, she helps us out so much at the net. Running our offense, she is going to be a very key player for us.”

Lawrence will be one of the outside hitters. Like Brown, she is a four-year varsity player.

“I think Bre will be able to score a lot on different types of shots,” Lucas said.

Zoe Williams brings a lot of power and strength to the team as an outside hitter, and Emerson Johnson is another middle hitter and blocker. Maggie Braman will see a lot of playing time on the right side.

Anna Fish will be the main setter.

“She is probably one of our strongest hitters, but she does such a great job of running the court and showing leadership,” Lucas said. “She is very good at being able to run our offense, and we feel that is something that our team needs.”

Lucas said the back row is fun to talk about because they just make some remarkable plays.

Norah Campbell will play the libero position, and she and Jamie Bobb are both quick, Lucas said. Baker is a defensive specialist.

“If hitters get a ball past them, it will be surprising to us,” Lucas said.

The Owls, who were 28-5 last year, host Scottsburg for a scrimmage Thursday, then open Saturday at Jeffersonville. Seymour will host a sectional this year.

Teamwork and communication will be keys, Lucas said.

“We know that it’s going to take more than one or two people to carry us, so everyone has to bring their game every night, so we’re going to have to have strong teamwork, which we do, so that’s what is neat about this group of girls,” she said. “They really get along well, and they work well together on the court. They are going to have to consistently bring their energy. Energy and communication are two things that are so important in volleyball, and they are going to have to do that every play. They like to communicate with one another.”

Lucas said she is impressed at how much progress they made during the preseason.

“They’ve already improved so much, and I think people will see by the end of the season that they are going to excel,” she said. “I’m excited to see them grow and where they are going to end up.”