Lawmaker responds to recent letter writers, others about incident

By Jim Lucas

Guest columnist

I’m writing this in response to the unrelenting media coverage and those who have the bravado to disparage me publicly but not the courage to contact me personally.

I recently made a mistake, and I admit it. I own it 100%. I was arrested, charged and I pleaded guilty. I accept the court’s decision, and I am complying with its decision.

I’m human. I screwed up.

Fortunately, and by the grace of God, nobody was hurt by my actions that night, and for that, I will be forever grateful. And given the fact that nobody got hurt, that night of bad decisions has been a blessing in disguise.

Because of that night, I am getting professional help on how to better deal with certain life challenges. Because of that night, I have done a lot of soul searching, reading, thinking and talking with many people about things I never would have before. A whole new, better world has been discovered.

Because of that night, I am now a much better, stronger, happier and more fulfilled person.

As a doctor recently wrote in an article, yes, I have been reprimanded politically in the past for my behavior. I’ve been labeled a misogynist, racist, homophobe and supporter of Nazis. All these false accusations are simply labels that have been weaponized by groups of people to stifle debate and intimidate and silence those who have the courage to speak up.

I stand up for what I believe in, and that makes me an easy target; however, I’ll gladly pay the consequences for standing up politically.

I also have been mocked heavily because of my unwavering stance against the government’s actions and mandates with COVID and the harm done to individuals, businesses and society by those actions.

People were denied their right to worship and visit with loved ones as they passed away in nursing homes. Individuals and small businesses that were declared “nonessential” were denied their right to earn a living. Mandates were issued over an unproven “vaccine,” which has since been proven to have serious, undisclosed and deadly side effects. Masks, without any standards at all and proven to be ineffective, were mandated and dictated how we lived our lives.

I continually questioned the multitude of things that the government and “science” declared but didn’t make sense. I spoke up and paid a price.

I was mocked recently in an article submitted by a teacher. In his editorial, he apparently took offense that I asked a state trooper why he didn’t take an easier job of being a teacher.

This was not an insult to teachers. I am on record and have stated publicly numerous times my unwavering support for good and talented teachers. I will say it again: I 100% support good, talented teachers, and our community is blessed to have so many of them. God bless you and thank you. I was simply comparing professions, not individuals. And yes, I believe being a trooper is more difficult and dangerous than being a teacher.

My fault in that statement was my assumption that people who are confident in themselves and love what they do are not offended by what others may say. I know I am not a misogynist, racist, homophobe, supporter of Nazis or whatever else anyone falsely accuses me of, which is why those accusations mean nothing to me. I also know I am not the person others are trying to define me as. Sticks and stones, as the old saying goes.

Because of that night, I’ve experienced the very ugly side of people who live in glass houses and have skeletons in their closets. I’ve also experienced the wonderful, beautiful side of so many people who reached out with words of encouragement and support. Both experiences have been incredible motivation for me to strive to be a better person.

We all make mistakes, and I own mine. We also have choices. The challenge is to take responsibility for our mistakes, learn from them and grow from them. Don’t let mistakes or people define you. Our successes, mistakes, humility and commitment to learn from those experiences are what makes us who we are. Choose wisely.

Jim Lucas, a resident of Seymour and a businessman, represents District 69 in the Indiana House of Representatives. Send comments to [email protected].