Kiddie Day is a hit at the Jackson County Fair

BROWNSTOWN — Ice cream, the carousel, funhouses and bottles of water were fundamental for Kiddie Day at the Jackson County Fair.

Kiddie Day, held from 1 to 5 p.m. Wednesday, allowed children to purchase ride bracelets for $17. Those allowed the wearer unlimited access to most of the rides and attractions.

The temperature was 85 degrees with a heat index of 94, and there were some dark clouds and sprinkles of rain, but that didn’t keep the kids and their families away.

One of the bracelet exceptions was the Johnnie Jump, which was an extra $7 for a child to get strapped into a harness and do jumps and spins from a trampoline.

Emmalynn Gay, 5, was having fun on the jumping attraction at the fair. She was there with her parents, Keaton and Briana Gay of Brownstown.

“This was really fun, and I did some backflips,” Emmalynn said.

Wanda Fox of Austin was standing in the ticket line with her 7-year-old granddaughter, Haven Terry, and Haven’s stepsister, Kerri Mattingly, who also is 7.

The girls said they were looking forward to riding Wipe Out, Freak Out, Starship 8000 and 1001 Nachts.

Back in the day, Fox liked the Octopus ride at the carnival, but her body doesn’t quite do those rides anymore, she said with a laugh.

Seymour resident Lavena Hauer, 75, was visiting the midway with her daughter and grandkids.

“My favorite carnival rides from when I was younger was the Ferris wheel and things like that,” Hauer said. “Back then, they didn’t have these kinds of big and fast rides.”

The loud music blasting from the more daring rides on the midway did not drown out the squeals of excitement and children’s laughter.

Marybeth Clark was at the carnival with her mother, Laura Clark, and Zachariah Clark. She and her friends had just gone through the Undersea Adventure funhouse.

Marybeth said her favorite ride was the big blue ride that looked like a spaceship, Starship 8000, where riders stand against the wall and as the ship begins to rotate, they become plastered to the wall.

“It feels almost like you’re going into space,” she said. “It goes really fast, and you go around really fast.”

Laura said they like to come to the fair and carnival any time they have the opportunity.

Chris Thomas of Seymour was at Kiddie Day with his four sons, Asher, 2, Leeland, 4, Benny, 7, and Canon, 10. Their mother is Bri Thomas.

Canon said his favorite ride was probably Starship 8000. He hadn’t ridden it yet that day because they were getting the rides in for his younger brothers first, then he was planning to get on some rides after that.

“I’d like to ride the school bus that goes around,” Benny said.

Indiana State Police employee Mary Eglen was working at the ISP booth and talking to 8-year-old Warren Davidson, son of Seth Davidson, who is a senior state trooper.

Warren, who was with his mom, Betsy Davidson of Seymour, said he was pretty excited about the rides.

“Over there is my favorite and it’s called 1001 Nachts,” Warren said, as he was eating some candy from the ISP booth.

Betsy said he also was given a badge sticker and a slap bracelet.

“My job here today at the ISP booth is greet people and answer questions, pass out candy, badges and make everyone feel welcome,” Eglen said. “I do this every year, and it’s always a pleasure.”

The carousel is another favorite of many youngsters, and as the ride was getting ready to start, Raelynn O’Donnell, 4, was perched atop a black horse and said, “I’m so excited.”

Five-year-old brothers Brooks Boas and Braden Boas came with their parents, Brad and Ashley Boas of Seymour. The boys said they were excited about the ice cream, rides, games and just everything.

Rides weren’t the only entertainment on Kiddie Day, as there were many games to play and lots of prizes to win.

Lakin Reynolds, 7, daughter of Daymond Reynolds from Scott County, was at the fair with family members playing some of the games. She tossed a ball into one of the fish bowls and won a goldfish, which was presented to her in a bag that she carried with her to another game with water guns, but she wasn’t quite as lucky at that one.

Food is always a popular draw at the fair, and Kiddie Day was no different. Kids and families were spotted around the midway eating various goodies, but the longest line was at the ice cream stand specializing in pineapple whip cones.

Kiddie Day will take place again from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Jackson County Fair, weather permitting.