County plan commission sets public hearing for Uniontown zoning

The Jackson County Plan Commission met Tuesday night to further discuss proposed zoning ordinances and map amendments pertaining to industrial and highway commercial zoning districts in Uniontown.

This discussion follows the idea about the potential for development of that area due to the proposed wastewater collection project in the area. The multi-million-dollar project will use a combination of lift stations and gravity flow to carry waste approximately 7 miles to the north at Lake Leslie. From there, the waste would be carried through Seymour to the city’s wastewater treatment plant on the far west side.

The original plan for the Uniontown project called for a wastewater treatment plant to be built southwest of Uniontown, but that idea has since been dropped because of the cost of building and maintaining a plant, environmental regulations and other reasons.

The intersection of Interstate 65 and State Road 250 at Exit 41 in Uniontown has been undeveloped for years because of the lack of a sanitary sewage system large enough to serve commercial/industrial businesses.

County Building Commissioner Conner Barnette said once the municipal sewer system is added, the belief is there will be rapid development along both the east and west sides of Interstate 65.

With that in mind, the Jackson County Redevelopment Commission and Jackson County Board of Zoning Appeals are addressing current zoning ordinances in that area with possible amendments to ordinances to reflect what kind of businesses the county would like to see.

Garmong Construction Services is the consultant for the project. Joe Murphy, an economic development specialist with the Terre Haute-based company, presented the proposed development and proposed ordinances for that area to the nine-member plan commission at the May 16 meeting.

Since then, board members visited the area of Uniontown and compared it to the maps that were presented at the meeting and made amendments.

Some of these amendments included reevaluating certain parcels where it encompasses more than one zoning district.

A motion to move the zoning changes to a public hearing was made by commission member Daniel Blann, and Leon Pottschmidt seconded.

The public hearing on these zoning changes will be at 7:30 p.m. July 18 at the Jackson County Courthouse, 111 S. Main St., Brownstown.