Medora honors R.E.D. Hornets of the Month

MEDORA — In a continued effort to promote responsibility, empathy and determination among students, Medora Community School Corp. honored its April R.E.D. Hornets of the Month during a board of school trustees meeting Monday night.

Those honored include senior Matthew Inscoe for his creativity and perseverance, sophomore Brelee Underwood for her responsibility and intelligence and eighth-grader Rilynn England for her kindness and positive attitude.

Kara Hunt, principal of Medora Junior-Senior High School, introduced the honorees to trustees and read statements from their teachers.

Inscoe was not able to attend the meeting, but teachers still praised him for his determination and sense of humor.

“Matthew has exhibited great creativity in my class,” said Riley Morris, who is a computer science teacher. “He does like to procrastinate, however, and I hope that’s something he works on in the future.”

Science teacher Leah Young said Inscoe is a great student and is always polite. Additionally, she said he was a pleasure to have in class the past three years and will be missed.

“Matthew strives to succeed in ELA (English language arts) and always adds interesting, analytical remarks to conversations,” said English language arts teacher Rebecca Lanier. “I have truly enjoyed over the years being able to thoroughly discuss film analysis with him. He definitely could have a career in social media to discuss various elements of storytelling via film format or gaming theory.”

Social studies teacher Reuben Nehrt said Inscoe has shown perseverance throughout the years and made good grades while maintaining a job as well as making the students laugh.

Underwood’s teachers honored her for her hardworking attitude and strong personality.

“Brelee can be a bit intimidating, but she is very intelligent and always gets her work done ahead of schedule,” Morris said.

Young said Underwood is a responsible student and always jumps at the opportunity to help.

“Brelee is a fun student to have in class, and she excels academically,” Lanier said. “Her personality provides for comedic interactions between us that lighten the classroom atmosphere and make it enjoyable for everyone. She cares about her performance and strives to succeed in ELA. I am happy to have her in class.”

Nehrt praised Underwood for being a hardworking student and athlete, adding that she is gifted with a strong personality and forthright in speech.

England’s teachers praised her for her empathy and humorous energy.

“Rilynn is an absolute character,” Morris said. “She is very kind to the teachers (even though she tries to break my hand with her high fives). She brings a positive attitude to class and mostly does great work.”

Young said England is a sweet and caring student and is always being empathetic and helpful.

“Rilynn is hilarious and makes me laugh every day,” said math and science teacher Angela Pritchett. “She brings a lot of humor and energy into the classroom. She is well liked by her peers and can always put a smile on everyone’s face.”

Lanier said England is a pleasure to have in class and always smiles, and she goes out of her way to have fun, positive conversations with her teachers. Lanier looks forward to many more years of interactions with Rilynn as she heads to high school.

“Rilynn England is a blessing to have in class,” Nehrt said. “She brings a bright personality with lots of energy. I look forward to seeing her excel in life.”