Trinity Arts Fest includes art and variety shows

Art comes in a variety of forms.

In Carrie Adler’s classroom, students do drawing, printmaking, sculptures, ceramics and jewelry, among other things.

In Leah Schneider’s classroom, students can be involved with choir, band and guitar.

In Jayme Lowe’s classroom, students can come up with up with their own skits or work on the school musical.

On Sunday, all of the work they’ve done this school year will be showcased during Trinity Arts Fest. An art show featuring work from the Seymour school’s students along with White Creek Lutheran School, St. John’s Sauers Lutheran School and Immanuel Lutheran School can be viewed from 1 to 3 p.m., and then the variety show will start at 3 p.m.

Adler said there will be thousands of pieces of artwork on display. She likes interacting with the public as they come in to admire the hard work of her students.

“What’s interesting about it is that we’ve had some people that are not necessarily affiliated with Trinity that come to the art show, they don’t have students here, so over the years, it has just been a thing that they put on their calendar and they come, and that’s cool,” she said.

“Over the time that I’ve been here, I feel like the arts have grown in the sense that for the community, we’re more known for getting out there and doing things,” she said. “We’ve had more stages to perform on than we ever have, and that’s awesome.”

For the art side of the event, Adler said she talks to students at the start of the school year about the annual spring show. Many of the pieces they do in her classes, from intro to advanced, are part of the show.

“They do a few things to narrow down the playing field. Ultimately, I decide, but I try to get something from everyone,” she said. “It doesn’t always work out like that, but that is what the goal is, and some of the advanced classes, almost every piece goes in because they are that good.”

As students work their way through high school, Adler said it’s interesting to see the progress.

“It does depend on the year because some are really great to begin with and then they just hone those skills, and some really grow and some don’t grow until it’s their senior year,” she said. “For example, shading, it’s senior year and all of a sudden, they can really do it, so that’s kind of cool.”

New at this year’s show, Trinity’s Art Club will have folders with coloring pages available to purchase for $20 as a fundraiser. Adler said 31 club members have pages included.

For the variety show, students from band, choir, guitar, drama and applied music classes will be featured. In many cases, students are involved in multiple parts of the show.

One example is senior Samantha Enzinger, who not only has artwork in the art show but also is in choir and applied music and will do a skit.

“I put a lot of work into a lot of it, especially art, so I’m happy for everyone to get to see what I’ve done,” she said.

Fellow senior Olivia Schwipps is in band, choir and applied music, so she will be part of group numbers and also play the drum set.

“I’m really excited for our senior group because I think we’ve worked pretty hard, and I’m pretty excited for everybody to see that,” she said, as the small group of senior applied music students will close out the show.

Another senior, Kathryn Whitmore, is involved with choir and applied music and will be in a skit.

“I’m excited for our applied music group, too, because I think we’ve worked hard on it,” she said, noting being involved with the arts at Trinity has helped her with speech skills and showing talent.

Senior Victoria Lang is only in choir, and she’s excited about her final variety show.

“Getting to represent with my friends and getting to show the talents, (the public) gets to see it, and I know a lot of them enjoy it,” she said.

Seniors Adam Everroad and Prader Kiel consider it bittersweet knowing this is their last variety show at Trinity. They will do a duet, while Everroad also is in choir, band and applied music and will be in two skits.

“I always certainly look forward to the skits and then doing stuff with my friends,” Everroad said. “This is the last time (he and Kiel) are doing something. I think we picked a pretty good song that it’s for us, so I’m excited to just do that.”

Kiel said he was going to the variety show before he was a student at Trinity.

“Growing up, in grade school, my grandma would take me to the variety show, and being in them was always a goal of mine in high school, so this being my last one, it’s a little sad,” he said.

He’s ready to perform one last time.

“The skits are always fun. I always look forward to doing something with Adam and friends of mine,” Kiel said. “I also really just look forward to being able to perform for people. That has always been something that I’ve enjoyed with this and the play that we do in the fall.”

Juniors Dianna Munoz and Evan Shuler will be doing solos in the variety show. Munoz said she first did a solo as a freshman.

“I think it was pretty cool that I was given the opportunity as such a young person,” she said. “It kind of broke the ice a little bit for me because it was very nerve-racking just to sing in front of people.”

Shuler’s solo is “Southern Nights,” and he also will sing with the choir. He said getting to express his skills is his favorite thing about the variety show.

For the skits, Lowe said drama students write and produce them, and kids from choir and other classes are in them, too.

“Especially with the skits that they really write themselves, I love to see them bring those to life, and they have even more fun doing it than the audience has. That’s saying something because they usually go over really well,” she said. “It’s just for them to have a fun time with it. It’s a little bit more low-key, lower stakes than the musical is, so they can really let their characters and their personalities out.”

Junior Bridget Bingham and freshman Emily Keller are ready to present the skits.

“I’m definitely looking forward to being able to share with everybody, especially because we write it ourselves, so it’s really knowing that students create these and are able to put them out there,” Bingham said.

“We revise, we edit and then we just start learning lines and we get it out there,” Keller said. “I think it’s really cool that we get to use our creative abilities and we get to create something that’s ours and we get to just get involved.”

If you go 

What: Trinity Arts Fest

When: Sunday (art show from 1 to 3 p.m., variety show at 3 p.m.)

Where: Trinity Lutheran High School, 1 Trinity Way, Seymour

Who: Artwork from students at Trinity Lutheran High School, White Creek Lutheran School, St. John’s Sauers Lutheran School and Immanuel Lutheran School and variety show featuring TLHS students

Cost: Free and open to the public; TLHS Art Club will have folders with coloring pages available to buy for $20 as a fundraiser

Information: 812-524-8547