Boy Scouts lead the pack filling food pantries

As the school bell rings to mark the end of a long day at Seymour-Redding Elementary School, Jaxon Williams and Will Parr’s day isn’t over yet.

The boys are the only two Lion members of Boy Scout Pack 529 and have been working diligently to complete the Lion Adventure this year.

Lion Scouts is an introduction program into Scouting for kindergarten-age boys and girls eager to be outdoors. Lions do adventures with their adult partners and other Lions every month.

The Lions are given adventures to scout through with the guidance of their adult partner. One of these adventures that the boys are currently scouting is known as Animal Kingdom.

In this adventure, the Lions learn leadership skills, including being considerate of the needs of other animals in the jungle and making the world a better place.

On April 3, Parr, 5, and Williams, 6, stopped by the Seymour Police Department to drop off some Easter baskets full of candy and other treats to the officers. The Lions also had the opportunity to get a tour to see how other leaders take care of others.

On Monday, Parr and Williams wanted to be leaders in the jungle through donating food to the empty food pantry box outside the Boys & Girls Club of Seymour.

With the help of their parents, Parr and Williams met after school to shop and fill the box with as much as they could for their $60 budget.

“My favorite part was going to the grocery store because I got to pick out all the food,” Parr said.

Some of the items purchased for the food pantry included pastas, sauces, taco kits, juices, chips, cereals, crackers, mashed potatoes, fruit bars and more.

Williams said his favorite part of the adventure was putting the food in the food pantry box.

“It was great to see the boys excited to give back to their community and see the challenges of picking out food on a budget, which was not necessarily part of their adventure,” said Chealsy Parr, Parr’s mother. “I know Jaxon’s parents and myself are very proud of the two boys and their growth as young Scouts just in their first year.”