Medora names Hornets of the Month for September, October

As part of their monthly meeting Monday evening, members of the Medora Community School Corp. board of school trustees honored six Medora Junior-Senior High School students who were selected to receive the honor of R.E.D Hornet of the Month for September and October.

Hollin Gorbett was selected as a R.E.D. Hornet of the Month for September by his teachers because of his hard work and helpful nature in class.

“Hollin is always helpful at the end of class at the end of the day when we are cleaning up,” one of Gorbett’s teachers, Angela Pritchett, wrote in a statement about his selection. “He stays until every desk is clean and the floor is picked up. He is also very diligent in completing his work and works very hard during class.”

Kiari Kinser also was selected as a September Hornet of the Month with her teachers praising her work in class and her drive to improve academically.

“Kiari is such a pleasure to have in class. She really cares about her work, puts in a ton of effort and always asks questions,” her teacher, Leah Young, said in a statement regarding her selection.

The final student selected to be one of the September Hornets of the Month was Haylee Sons, who is said by her teachers to be a great student and excellent to have in the classroom.

“Haylee Sons is a very dedicated and hardworking student. She strives for excellence in her work and is a great addition to any classroom,” teacher Rebecca Lanier said.

One of the reasons Kacie Inscoe was selected as one of the October Hornets of the Month was for his work in computer science courses, where his teacher, Riley Morris, said he excels.

“Kacie has worked so hard this year, and he is doing some amazing work. He is taking advanced computer science classes and has excelled in them. He’s just a genuinely well-behaved and responsible kid, and I think he has a chance to go on and do great things after high school,” Morris said.

Eli Murphin was in part chosen as a Hornet of the Month because of his lighthearted humor and how it uplifts those around him.

“Eli Murphin brings a calm and gentle presence into the classroom,” teacher Reuben Nehrt said. “He is helpful, trustworthy and unique. I enjoy his quirky sense of humor and seeing him joke around with his friends.”

The final student selected to be a Hornet of the Month for October was Bobby Baughman, who was chosen because of his dedication to his work in class.

“Bobby has a fun, creative and dedicated personality. He strives to be successful in the classroom while maintaining a good balance with his peers,” Lanier said. “He is open to feedback, reflects on it and changes his work to reach a higher standard of success. He is a pleasure to have in the classroom.”