Seymour native brings glitz and glamour to hometown

Seymour native Brooke Fleetwood keeps busy not only as a wife and mother, but she’s also the owner of BB Makeup Aesthetics & Cosmetics in Wisconsin.

Fleetwood also has two Airbnb rentals, Pink Castle and Goth Castle, in Hudson, Wisconsin, and has now brought some of the pink glitz and glamour to her hometown.

The Pink Castle rental house is located at 400 N. Chestnut St., Seymour, and her Beauty Resort can be found at 1114 E. Tipton St.

“I moved with my family up to Wisconsin right out of high school and had literally just graduated,” Fleetwood said. “Then I went to Aveda Institute in Minneapolis for beauty school, and I literally took a dream and made it reality and didn’t care what anyone else thought.”

Fleetwood became an aesthetician and married her husband, John, and they have two children.

She said they lived in a regular house until she purchased the 130-year-old Victorian in Hudson. She painted it pink, and then about seven blocks away, she acquired what would become the pink salon.

“The pink house was my residence, and then we decided to put it up (to rent) for Super Bowl when it was being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is right on the border and we were super close,” Fleetwood said. “After that, we started renting it out for bachelorette parties and family get-togethers and it took off, so we decided to try to do it full time.”

She said the Pink Castle is more glittery, girly and over-the-top and the Goth Castle has more like a deep, dark and romantic feel, so you get the best of both worlds. Some people don’t like pink and prefer more muted tones.

Fleetwood said they decided to expand the Pink Castle to her hometown of Seymour, where people are super welcoming, and bought the house on Chestnut Street about a year ago.

The house is in downtown Seymour within walking distance of restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques.

“It’s a gorgeous pink mansion built in 1890, filled to the brim with over-the-top lavish glamour and lots and lots of pink,” Fleetwood said. “We are still in the works of creating this castle, and we upload photos as it is it created.”

Each of the four bedrooms has a unique over-the-top glam to them, and the dining room is big enough for family get-togethers and parties. There’s also a huge living room for games, movie night and just relaxing.

The big reveal of the outside of the house took place in October 2021, and the rental house opened for business earlier this year.

“We are already in operation and renting out the house, and people can rent the house for one night or longer,” Fleetwood said. “It’s also available hourly for events such as bachelorette parties, birthdays, family get-togethers, photo shoots and more, basically for any occasion, so it’s just a unique little getaway.”

She said a woman recently rented the house for a couple of days because of friends and family coming to town for a funeral. It was convenient with Voss & Sons Funeral Service being right across the street.

Fleetwood’s grandfather, who died in 2019, was O.K. Fleetwood of Orville K. Fleetwood Asphalt, based out of Columbus.

“My dad, who is a Fleetwood, and stepmom still live here and monitor the rental house when I’m gone,” she said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to do it because no one runs a business like your own family, and they both love the Pink Castle and are there about every day.”

Fleetwood and her friends, Jaz Newton and Bri O’Donnell, who she lovingly calls her “forever OG employees” from Wisconsin, were in town for the open house at the Pink Castle and also for the Seymour Oktoberfest.

O’Donnell, who specializes in makeup and tooth jewels, said in the past seven years, they have missed the Oktoberfest only one time.

“From the house here, we can see everything going on for the festival since we’re right downtown,” she said.

Newton is a licensed aesthetician and also an assistant manager for Fleetwood’s rentals.

Fleetwood enjoys coming back to Seymour because the vibes are very homey here and super welcoming and nice, she said.

She also owns the Beauty Resort that is home to several different businesses, and a couple of rooms are still available to rent.

“We’re looking for beauty bosses to run their own businesses within the resort,” she said.

Currently, the resort offers a makeup artist, a hairstylist, a photographer, spray tanning, brow blading and an aesthetician, which is someone who gives facials and does waxing, makeup and anything that involves skin.

Fleetwood’s line of beauty products, BB Makeup, includes skincare, cosmetics, brushes, lashes and more.

The Beauty Resort website is, and anyone interested in renting the Pink Castle can call 715-781-1343, visit the Pink Castle Seymour, IN Facebook page or go to for information.