Leadership summit for teens planned Saturday in Seymour

Local teens are invited to attend the Global Leadership Summit Next Gen being offered Saturday at The Point, co-sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club of Seymour.

The Point has been a host site for the last four Global Leadership Summit events for working professionals. Known for bringing world-class speakers and leaders to the stage, GLS Next Gen is tailored to benefit teenagers the most in their specific season of life.

Already being offered around the globe, area teens will be joining their peers in countries such as Cuba, Australia, Philippines, Cambodia, United States, Sweden, Vietnam, Pakistan, South America, Malaysia, Singapore, Venezuela, South Africa, Portugal, Nigeria, Nepal and Brazil.

GLS Next Gen is a dynamic summit specifically tailored to challenge youth to maximize their influence, develop their leadership skills and help them understand and discover their life’s purpose to make a difference wherever they are, according to a news release from The Point.

The free summit, set for 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at The Point, 311 Myers St., Seymour, will be a fun and creative experience for all attending teens, blending video recordings of world-class speakers with in-person hosts, performances and local speakers, like Seymour Mayor Matt Nicholson.

Teens in grades 8 to 12 interested in attending are asked to register so brunch can be provided. Register online at gotothepoint.com/glsnextgen. Attendees also will be provided door prizes, a conference notebook and a certificate of completion for use with college applications and job résumés.

The speakers chosen for this year’s GLS Next Gen are:

Jerry Lorenzo “Conviction, Intention, Empathy” — His honest and opinionated approach to fashion continues to push his fashion brand, Fear of God, into an icon of contemporary American luxury. Most recently, he has been honored to partner with Adidas and join its team as global head of Adidas Basketball. He will share thoughts on leadership and creativity he has gained from his career.

Vanessa Van Edwards “The Science of Leadership” — Do leaders think differently? She teaches you how to harness your own inner leader. Using the latest neuroscience and psychology, she will teach you how to make a great positive impact. Walk away with new strategies to feel empowered and empower those around you.

Michael Jr. “Your Punchline” — Humor helps us put our lives in perspective. We may not know what’s coming when a joke starts, but the punchline brings it all into focus. It’s the same way with our lives. Let’s learn how our setbacks are really setups for success.

Jia Jiang “Rejection Proof” — He addresses the universal challenges we all face with rejection and offers alternative measures that leaders can implement to become more courageous when facing these challenges.

Mayor Matt Nicholson — Nine letters and one punctuation mark could make all the difference in our community and the world. The Seymour mayor will divvy up those letters and help the teens in attendance see beyond today.

Jo Saxton “Level Up Your Leadership” — She challenges leaders to take their leadership to the next level by asking themselves three key questions: Who were you before anyone told you who you were supposed to be? If your body could talk to you, what would it want to say? Who are your people?