A biology-rejecting, gender-disrupting doctrine becoming more prevalent

I sincerely thank Mr. Russell Fritz of Freetown, Mrs. Jenny Ray of Seymour, Mrs. Glenda Wendling of Seymour and Mrs. Sherri Fritz of Freetown.

You quite effectively and properly responded to my Aug. 20, 2022, Tribune column “Next year’s Jackson County Fair queen.” In the column, I enthusiastically described the growing influence of federal law and institutional policy normalizing transgenderism (boys and girls are interchangeable on demand) and proliferating genders (“experts” have detected roughly 68 human genders). Once more, thank you for your thoughtful and strong replies.

And separately, I thank Mr. William Gerhart of Scipio for his letter of moral exhortation.

That important acknowledgement aside, let me state clearly: There is not one person over 18 in our nation who should be confused about the fixed biology of sex and the nonexchangeable nature of male and female genders.*

But that doesn’t matter.

A biology-rejecting and gender-disrupting doctrine now prevails in the permanently Democratic Party-controlled executive department, in groveling corporate boardrooms, in nearly all universities (where gender ideology originated) and progressively more in the medical profession.

This anti-family and child-harming revolution is proceeding to complete a full infiltration of primary and secondary education with its “inclusive” progressive gender and sexual values.


According to the New York Post, graduate students in an education class at the University of Southern Maine were outraged when their female professor insisted in class Sept. 7 that there are only two sexes. Only one student expressed agreement. The class staged a walkout a week later and insisted the professor be fired. The university offered an alternate class for students “who felt unsafe with [the professor].”

Comment: At a state university? Graduate students in education? What kind of graduates are Indiana schools of education producing?

Quoting from my previous column:

“At the 2022 Jeffersonville, Indiana, high school prom, a male senior was voted prom king. According to WAVE-TV, ‘[the male senior] sauntered out to a red carpet, dressed in a black sequined gown, blond wig and immaculate make-up.’ The racy gown was split up to the student’s hip and he/she displayed what appeared to be legs well-shaved.”

Comment: How many school board members or how many school administrators objected to the crowning of a drag queen at the prom?

According to Abigail Shrier, in 2007, there was one pediatric gender clinic in the United States. Today, there are hundreds.

Comment: What do pediatric gender clinics do? Answer: they provide gender-affirming care. Of course, that means hormones and surgery for children who “wish” to “become” the opposite sex. I wonder how many years of hormones and how much cutting into healthy child flesh may be required to achieve proper gender-affirming care outcomes.

WCAX in Burlington, Vermont, reports 10 girls on the Randolph Union High School volleyball team (Randolph, Vermont: population, 4,774), were ordered by school authorities to find some other place to undress and shower instead of the girls locker room. The problem? The girls refused to undress and shower with a transgender teammate (a boy who professes to be a girl).

Comment: Apparently this teammate has not yet undergone her (sic) chemical or surgical castration in order to blend in with the rest of the team. The town of Randolph had to surrender control of a locker room to ensure the girls don’t get away with their petty privacy preferences in violation of federal civil rights law. Perhaps their school board will consider porta potty rentals.

Indiana has four hospitals that provide transgender medical care. Quoting from an Indianapolis hospital website: “The Gender Health Program provides gender-affirming care, including hormone therapy and specialty services, for older adolescent and adult transgender patients of all gender identities … the program combines hormone management and other comprehensive services with surgical options.”

Comment: Reading between the lines, I’m imagining the hormone treatment may be prescribed to pause normal puberty processes in young pubescent boys and girls. At what age then do they recommend the knife? Do our Hoosier hospitals know the National Health Service in England shut down the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic in London? Do our Hoosier hospitals know thousands of parents are suing that clinic claiming it had forced children to use irreversible puberty blockers, according to the European Union Times?

Christopher Rufo reports:

  • Gender activists at Chicago’s largest children’s hospital distributed literature to middle and high schools “promoting radical gender theory, trans activism and sexually explicit materials.”
  • 4,000 American primary and secondary schools are recipients of left-wing sexual ideology from the GSA (“gender and sexuality alliances”) Network by forming gender and sexuality alliance clubs in schools in 40 states.
  • “The Michigan Department of Education has adopted a radical gender theory program that promotes gender [proliferation] beginning in elementary school and encourages teachers to facilitate sexual transition of minors without parental consent.”

Comment: Seeking to recruit the developmentally vulnerable (i.e., all children) into a radical gender and sexual doctrine appears to be now a goal amongst professional educator leadership. Are education and child abuse now synonymous?

Accordingly, can it only be a matter of time before we read this Tribune headline “Trans girl selected Jackson County Fair queen?”

*Unless those persons: Read Cosmopolitan, Vogue or Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair or Sports Illustrated magazines; worship The New York Times or The Washington Post; graduated from medical or law school in the last decade; have obtained a BA degree in the humanities in the last 10 years; have received a BA or MA in education in the past 10 years; work in the HR department of large and mid-size corporations; are addicted to Facebook.

Alan Winslow, a resident of Seymour, occasionally writes a column for The Tribune. Send comments to [email protected].