Braves of the Month for August recognized

BROWNSTOWN — A third-grader, a seventh-grader and a senior have earned the title of Student of the Month.

During Tuesday’s Brownstown Central Community School Corp. board of school trustees meeting in the administration office, nomination letters for Charlie Jonothan, Olivia Ault and Maddy Hackman as Braves of the Month for August were read by their respective school principals.

Jonothan was selected as Little Brave of the Month by his teacher, Jennifer Peak.

Brownstown Elementary School Principal Marty Young said Peak wrote that she selected Jonothan as the Little Brave of the Month because he is the best listener and does a great job of paying attention and participating in class.

She also wrote that Charlie is helpful with other students in the class.

“He is a hard worker and always does his best in class,” Peak wrote. “I am very proud of him and all he has accomplished so far this year.”

Young said he wanted to add one comment to Peak’s nomination.

“Last year, Charlie and I had a lot of time together,” Young said. “He has made such an improvement in his behavior and his academics since his second grade year. I’ve been impressed with how well he’s doing this year.”

Doug McClure, principal at Brownstown Central Middle School, said Ault was nominated by the seventh grade teaching team.

He said she is a wonderful student to have in the building and always has a smile on her face and is always upbeat.

The seventh grade teachers wrote Ault is helpful to her teachers and classmates and always takes the time to do her best, and it shows in her work ethic.

“She is conscientious about her homework,” they wrote.

Ault is the class Tribal Council representative for her tribe and active in other community organizations, McClure said.

“She is a member of 4-H,” he said. “She loves animals. She showed goats at the fair this year. Olivia is a member of the Jackson County 4-H Horse and Pony Club. She was the top winner at the horse show this summer and won a saddle.

“Olivia displays the qualities of respect, responsibility and resourcefulness each day at BCMS, and the seventh grade teachers congratulate her for her efforts as does her principal,” he said.

Joe Sheffer, principal at Brownstown Central High School, said the science department chose Hackman as Brave of the Month.

“Maddy is hardworking, ambitious and responsible and holds herself to high standards academically,” they wrote. “She is detail-oriented when performing laboratory activities and always has a desire to learn more. She is a leader not only in the science room but also throughout all her activities at BCHS.”