Jesus is worthy of it all

In a multiple sclerosis publication a few months ago, I read, “Share your story. It just may be someone’s survival guide.”

Ponder. Make excuses. Listen. Here I am months later, not only surviving, but I am thriving in the goodness of God we so often sing about and claim, but PegiPooh lives it and testifies about it. Let me tell you about my Jesus.

In June, after seven months of MRIs, X-rays, interviewing four surgeons, more X-rays, holding my DMD (disease modifying drug) for MS and a couple of months of pre-habilitation, I had a six-hour surgery on my lower back to fuse three vertebrae and remove two synovial cysts in an effort to stabilize my spine.

This crumbling tower of arthritic, misaligned, unpadded bone and pinched spinal cord caused my legs, which are at best wet noodles, to simply stop mid-sentence with a literal lightning shock of pain. To quote Emeril, “Bam!” Straight to the floor I would go along with flailing arms and fresh pasta legs to the floor, stopped only by the corner of the washer or Cocoa’s water dish.

MS didn’t cause this task to be elementary, not that the word simple ever enters the mind of a neurosurgeon or his patient; however, tarry on we did my husband, a countless team of professionals, me and my father God.

Currently, the pain is very minimal, stability has been restored and I am working on the stamina aspect. I have developed some nasty habits over the first two-thirds of this year, which has made all of this take longer than was predicted. I could and have made excuses, but I’m going to put on my sturdy bra and be honest. Food, TV, air conditioning, crafting, reading, my very comfy adjustable bed all come into play. I’m slower.

I’m much more cushioned. I’ve fallen in love with television, and ironically, WWE. Our electric bill is higher. Ouch. Ugg. Kaboom. Bam.

Recently at Cornerstone Community Church, we heard a call to arms. He is worthy of it all. I know my alls. Do you? I am not going to sugarcoat anything. Aging does that to a person as the tolerance for namby pamby is gone. Filters are off. Time is short. What are you holding back? Jesus gave us his all. We need/must follow suit.

I completely complicated everything in my recovery by adding problems instead of doing the very simple instructions I was given. Work on your core. Loose a few (yikes!) pounds. Walk more.

Christians likewise make loving Jesus difficult to attain by adding all sorts of silly nonsense and foolish religious traditions when none of that matters and in fact does the complete opposite of what we are called to do. Tell others about Jesus. When necessary, use words.

I used to think Billy Graham was about the most boring person on the planet. Not now. His message was the entire message of the Bible Genesis through the last amen in Revelation.

1. All humanity is lost because of sin.

2. Jesus came and lived with humanity to be an example of how to live. God sent Jesus, his son, sinless and perfect in every way to be the sacrifice for me, for you, for everyone so that even though we fall short of his glory, we are able to be with Abba God for all eternity.

Here is the truth. Jesus is the door, the way, the truth, the only door, the only way, the only truth. Door to what? The presence of God. Way to where, eternity with our creator. The truth, simple actually, but the most profound pondering a person can have.

1. Jesus came.

2. Jesus lived.

3. Jesus sacrificed.

4. Jesus is alive.

To illuminate, he was the sacrifice for me when his perfect life resulted in a horrible, most unimaginably painful, undeserved but completely necessary death. Oh sure, a Roman drove the nails, the Jews of the time demanded his murder, but just as surely they did those things, I still do those things every time I disobey or hesitate to obey his word, change his word to suit my whims, so on and so forth.

We all drive those nails of rejection, betrayal, and pride. Some more than others, some openly, some more subtle, some in violence, some in denial, but we all drive those big, dirty rusty nails into Jesus’ hands and feet.

Here is the part that makes the big difference: Jesus rose again. Yep, after three days, Jesus came and had breakfast with his disciples on the shore. He took a walk and encouraged some friends. He showed his scarred hands to doubters.

After all of this, he ascended to be forever with his Abba (papa, daddy, poppy) where he is now (now is part of forever, right?) preparing a place for those who love him, all the while praying for me, you, everyone at the father’s right side.

Don’t complicate things with opinions and silly traditions, or like me and my health problems by making excuses. Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts. Now you know the facts I have stated. Fact check me for yourself. Get a Bible, the unchanging word of God inspired by the holy spirit, and search it. Seek him. I promise he promises you will find him.

Remember, Jesus is worthy of it all.

Pegi Bricker is a Seymour resident who has lived with multiple sclerosis for 19 years. Send comments to [email protected].