Dairy cows, lambs and Farm Bureau ice cream

My Wednesday morning was again another crazy and very, very wet morning.

I started out by getting all of my animals fed and milked. Then on to get our dairy cows ready for the dairy show. My sister and I both showed in showmanship class, and we both fell short on the showmanship. My sister received grand champion Jersey. I received the Jackson County dairy herdsman award, which was very nice.

I was able to take a quick nap in the dairy barn before going on to get my lambs ready for show. In the lamb show, I had third place blackface cross in my class, first place Hampshire wether in class and fell short again in my showmanship. My sister did pretty good. She got reserve whiteface cross ewe, which I was pretty proud of her. Her and I work together on all of our animals.

After the lamb show, I went to take in a little of the fair. I haven’t had a lot of time to walk around and look at everything and visit with people. I had to grab a delicious cup of ice cream from the Farm Bureau building. If you’re out at the fair, make sure you swing by the Farm Bureau building and grab a cup of delicious and cheap ice cream.

Come out and enjoy the fair. There is only a couple more days to take in one of the best county fairs.

Brocker Bottorff, 17, a senior at Brownstown Central High School, has been a member of Jackson County 4-H for nine years. He is sharing his experience at the 2022 Jackson County Fair through The Tribune’s daily fair diary. Send comments to [email protected].