A successful showing of swine

Tuesday at the Jackson County Fair was one of my calmer days because I only had one show for the day.

It started off a little on the rainy side when I was trying to care for all of my animals, which made it a little bit rougher on my sister and me to get it done quickly while also trying to stay dry.

Then on to preparing for the swine barrow show. I showed my blue crossbred barrow first, and it took second in class. Then I went on to show my black crossbred barrow and took second in class, as well.

I was very pleased with where I stood at being this was my first year in swine in person. I had signed up to do swine on the year that we had no fair.

I would like to thank everyone that was a part in helping me along the way with my pigs. I couldn’t have done it without them.

After completing my pig show, I was pretty hungry, so I went and grabbed some delicious cheese fries at the Immanuel Lutheran stand. Then on to my normal evening of caring for all of my animals at the fair. Then off to try to get a little rest because the next few days are going to become busy again.

Brocker Bottorff, 17, a senior at Brownstown Central High School, has been a member of Jackson County 4-H for nine years. He is sharing his experience at the 2022 Jackson County Fair through The Tribune’s daily fair diary. Send comments to [email protected].