Pigs, rabbits, chickens and chili cheese fries

My Monday was the busy day for me and my sister.

I started the morning off by weighing in my pigs and then moved over to the rabbit barn, where we had reserve grand champion overall rabbit with my Brit buck, master showman in rabbit ambassador and reserve champion senior showman.

While the rabbit show was still going on, I had to also show chickens. I had reserve grand champion poultry, fourth overall and fifth overall.

Then I finished up showing my gilt and showmanship. I did really well with my gilt reserve crossbred, reserve grand champion gilt overall. Then in showmanship, I was in the first heat and got pulled back for overall showman but just fell short of taking champion or reserve.

Then on to eat another meal at the St. John’s Sauers stand, where I had chili cheese fries.

Brocker Bottorff, 17, a senior at Brownstown Central High School, has been a member of Jackson County 4-H for nine years. He is sharing his experience at the 2022 Jackson County Fair through The Tribune’s daily fair diary. Send comments to [email protected].