10-year Jackson County 4-H members

The 37 10-year Jackson County 4-H members recently responded to a series of questions.

Write a short paragraph about the important life skills you learned in your participation in the Jackson County 4-H program.

What is the greatest contribution 4-H has made in your life?

Who has been the most influential in your 4-H experience? In what way?

Eliana Baker

The skill I have developed the most through 4-H is my sewing. Almost every year I’ve done 4-H, I have done a sewing project, and I improved a lot. I also have bettered my public speaking through demonstrations and worked on my time management skills for my projects.

4-H has helped me to get involved in the community and get me interested in volunteering. I always learn something new at the meetings, and I love getting to know all of the people I meet through 4-H.

My grandma for helping me with all my sewing projects.

Maddison Brittain

One of the most important skills I have learned as a 4-H member is responsibility. I would say another life-changing skill I learned was always try and stay on top of things, such as doing what you’re supposed to be doing or making sure you have everything you need before showing your animal.

It showed me commitment. It really taught me to stay in 4-H. It is so rewarding to be a 10-year member. It really makes you believe in yourself that you can stick through anything, even if it gets tough.

I would say my papaw, Doug, has been the most influential person in my 4-H experience. He has shown me even though you might be going through rough times, don’t give up because it’s going to be rewarding in the end.

Peyton Brock

The most important life skills I learned through 4-H were problem-solving and responsibility. I learned problem-solving through finding solutions to issues I faced on my projects. My responsibility came through finding time and getting my projects done.

4-H has contributed in my life by helping shape me as a person. It also has taught me different skills I will use throughout my life.

My cousin, Catherine Caudill, has been most influential in my 4-H experience. She helped me learn how to sew and still continues to help me when I become confused or need help on certain instructions.

Addison Bumbleburg

Throughout these 10 years in 4-H, I learned how to persevere. I’ve stayed with the same projects for most years, and it took me quite awhile before I received any purple ribbons. I also learned to leave by comfort zone and try new skills.

4-H has given me a place to try out new things and grow in skills I would not otherwise have.

My mother has been the most influential in my 4-H experience. She has encouraged me and helped me through all of my projects, and she celebrates the results along with me.

Cole Darlage

I have learned from 4-H a lot of things. I’ve learned patience, hard work and self-discipline. Patience comes from not all results are immediate. Everyone wants their animal to win, but they aren’t winners the day they are born. Next brings in the hard work and self-discipline to get the animals ready for the championship drive. You have to work hard and have self-discipline to do it every day.

Education. I have learned so much over the last 10 years about my animals — how to work them, set them up and how to prepare myself for the show ring.

My grandpa, Marty. He has shown me so much and how hard work is rewarding. He works a full-time job and farms and never puts himself first. It’s always his kids and grandkids. I have learned from him that life isn’t always easy, but if you persevere, you will do just fine.

Katie Deppen

Participating in the Jackson County 4-H program has taught me life skills such as commitment and responsibility. As I participate in several other activities besides 4-H, I have built my commitment toward my projects and evoked a sense of responsibility balancing my projects and other activities.

4-H has greatly contributed to my approach in life. Such as training my dog for the dog project, patience, organization and determination are the key factors to being successful in 4-H and the real world. 4-H has allowed me to practice these life skills in preparation for the next chapter of my life.

Izzy Smith has been the most influential in my 4-H experience. Izzy has demonstrated patience and hard work when training dogs. I have always admired her drive to succeed and willingness to help.

Grant Elliott

As a result of my participation in the Jackson County 4-H program, I have learned leadership, time management and organizational skills that will enhance the quality of my life as I pursue my future endeavors.

4-H has opened doors to a myriad of new opportunities and adventures. Through working on projects, I was exposed to resources and organizations that allowed me to learn about the real world, thus equipping me with the knowledge to succeed in life.

No one person has been the most influential in my 4-H experience. Instead, a plethora of people with contrasting perspectives allowed me to acquire a holistic comprehension of subjects I studied and worked on in 4-H.

Marina Flandes-Soto

One of the most important skills I have learned throughout my time in 4-H is how to use my hands to accomplish what I need. For instance, sewing, writing, creating, wrapping and serving others. I learned that communication, serving others and planning ahead can go a long way.

It has given me so many learning opportunities — learning new skill sets, learning about what it is like living on a college campus through events such as 4-H Round Up and learning what it is truly like to serve others, serve the community.

My best friend, Valeria Ramirez. She has always been the best one out of us two, always doing things on time, always being involved with whatever she could get involved with. She has never wasted her potential. Rather than be jealous or envy her, I admire her. I aspire to be just as involved and outgoing as her. I never realized what I could have been capable of until I saw her succeed. I realize I can do that, too. She is such an amazing person and will surely reach all of her goals in the future.

Harrison Fleetwood

The most important life skills I’ve learned from 4-H are hard work and determination. Sometimes during our projects, we face trials and obstacles when things don’t go as planned, but I realized if you just set your mind to overcoming them, you can achieve the result you desire.

The greatest contribution 4-H has made to my life has been the sense of achievement I get yearly when I see the recognition of my hard work in the form of ribbons. It always feels good when your projects rank high as a result of the time and effort you put into them.

The most influential person has been my mom. When I’m struggling with my projects, she’s always there to provide support and motivation to keep me pushing forward.

Nick Goecker

Being in 4-H for most of your childhood teaches you many important skills that will be key to your success in adulthood, one of them being time management. Between the busy summer with jobs, sports and 4-H, I was forced to learn how to manage my time where everything got the proper care and time it needed to get done. Another is responsibility. Every day, you had to be responsible for the health of the animals you had and to make sure they were receiving the proper care needed.

One of the greatest contributions 4-H has done for me is make countless friends I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for going to club meetings or spending time in the livestock barns.

I would say the most influential people in my 4-H experience has been my family. They have always been there for me when I needed help and have taught me most of the things I know about livestock.

Thaddeus Goecker

Quote: “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

The Jackson County 4-H program has taught me many things, one of the most important being hard work. Showing livestock is no easy project. It requires early mornings, late nights, stubborn animals and everything in between, including hard work and perseverance. Although you may not win every show, you always come back to the barn and keep trying. Although showing livestock can be challenging, it is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. It has left me with countless memories and stories that will follow me for the rest of my life.

4-H has played a huge role in my life with its greatest contribution being the memories it has left behind. Fair week is something my family looks forward to all year because of the memories that are made with family and friends. Even though the Jackson County Fair is only one week, it has left me thousands of unforgettable experiences and memories.

The most influential person in my 4-H experience has been my dad. He has taught me everything I know about livestock and has made me into the person I am today.

Brock Hackman

4-H has taught me hard work, dedication and sportsmanship. It has allowed me to work with my family and friends to achieve my projects.

The most important lesson I’ve learned from 4-H is hard work. The work I put in every day for these 10 years has taught me the value of a dollar. Waking up early and staying up late working with animals have taught me what it takes to achieve a goal. 4-H has taught me lessons of hard work, but it also has given me money for the 4-H auction to get me started in life.

My dad, Mike Hackman, was the most influential for me because he helped me tend to my animals every day and taught me how to show and care for them.

Zoie Hoene

The most important life skills I have learned from my participation in the Jackson County 4-H program are leadership, commitment, hard work, dedication, respect, responsibility and the list goes on and on.

The greatest contribution 4-H has made to my life is becoming a true leader. True leaders are young people who have confidence, know how to work well with others, can endure through challenges and can be responsible for all actions.

The most influential person in my 4-H experience is my parents, Brad and Amanda Hoene. They taught me to always keep going when times got tough and supported me through everything.

Hannah Kerkhof

4-H has taught me so many life skills over these last 10 years. The leadership skills will benefit my future at college. The teamwork skills and communication skills help me in everyday life.

4-H has helped me develop my hobbies, interests and personality. The different projects I have taken have directed me to my love for fashion and refurbishing furniture. 4-H helped boost my confidence to teach others about agriculture.

Sandy Kilgas, Doug Borcherding and my mom have been great role models and club leaders for me. Heather has taught me uncountable things, and I am forever grateful.

Liam Kreis

The most important life skill I learned from 4-H is goal setting. I set a goal to complete projects on time and to the best of my ability.

4-H has impacted my life. I began in kindergarten as a mini 4-H’er, so it has been a part of my life a long time. I selected projects that interested me, such as sportfishing. I enjoy fishing with my family and friends and have learned a lot in this project.

My mom has been the most influential in my 4-H experience. She was my first 4-H leader. She helps me select my projects each year and ensures I get them completed, all the while encouraging me to do my best.

Kennadi Lakins

4-H has taught me all about time management and how poor I am at it. Every year, I know I have to have my project finished and ready to go by a certain date, and yet I always wait until the last minute to complete it and my book. I hope to actually finish everything this year with time to spare.

I have learned there is always something new to learn and try.

I can’t name just one person who has been most influential in my 4-H experience. I have learned from my 4-H leaders about volunteering and thinking of others. I also learned how to prepare demonstrations from watching others. My mother has helped me every year with my 4-H book and making sure I actually do the project that I am supposed to do. Thank you to all who help with 4-H.

Kiarra Lakins

4-H has taught me about deadlines and requirements. There will always be something new to learn. Over the last 10 years, I have tried numerous different fair entries and learned several life skills.

4-H has taught me about time management skills and hard work.

My dad has been the most influential in my 4-H career because without him, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my projects.

Luke Lanam

The most important life skill I’ve learned in my 10 years of 4-H is the lesson of hard work and dedication. After taking multiple projects for many years, I’ve learned the work you put in always pays off. All of the tedious hours or hot summer days spent on your project will pay off when you walk into that building on the first day of the fair to see that big purple ribbon. It brings a smile to your face, and you forget about all of the struggles from the past. I will take this lesson with me for the rest of my life and into anything I do, always putting my best work forward for the best results.

The greatest contribution 4-H has made to my life is the countless opportunities to expand my knowledge and follow my passions with the help of wonderful leaders and fellow 4-H’ers.

The most influential person in my 4-H experience is my fellow 4-H’ers. I have learned from each and every one I’ve talked to. Each 4-H’er has their own unique background, knowledge and experience. This can be seen throughout their projects, as well. Through my years of friendship with them, I’ve been able to learn so much about different things that I would’ve never been interested in before.

Erin Lee

The most important life skills I have developed through 4-H are leadership and communication. 4-H has shaped me into a good leader, and that has carried over into many other sports and activities I have been a part of. Communication with your leaders and other 4-H members also is crucial to be able to bond and feel comfortable talking to one another when you are unsure or need clarification.

4-H has made several amazing contributions to my life. 4-H has built my creativity through project completion. This also shaped my personality into what it is today. Without 4-H, I would not have half of the memories and lifelong bonds and friendships I have today. I will forever have the friends and life skills that 4-H has given me.

Through my 4-H experience, I have been influences by several individuals; however, Sara Stuckwisch has been the most influential. Sara was my 4-H leader from mini 4-H until this past year. Sara has shown me how a good leader looks and acts. Alongside that, she set an example for me and showed me how to be prideful in all that I accomplish.

Emily Mann

The most important life skills 4-H has taught me are hard work, dedication and a passion for the livestock industry. All of these life skills will help me create a strong future in which I will understand how hard work and a strong compassion for agriculture lead to a successful and humble life.

The greatest contribution 4-H has made to my life is helping to shape my future and career path as well as giving me an understanding of crucial lifelong attributes. 4-H has helped me determine my future career as I plan to continue my future in agriculture.

The most influential people in my 4-H experience have been my parents and my family. Without them, I would have never been able to experience and gain all of the life skills and passion for livestock that I now have thanks to them.

Alexus Morris

Jackson County 4-H has taught me everything from creativity to perseverance. I have gained confidence from my participation in both the public speaking contest and consumer clothing fashion revue.

4-H has taught me how to express myself through different projects. It has allowed me to pursue my pure love for agriculture and add skills to my life, which I will use forever.

The most influential person in my 4-H experience has been our new 4-H leader for the Cortland Crushers, Vera Reichenbacker. She turned a club that barely met into a fun experience for all ages.

Adam Newkirk

The most important life skill I learned from my participation in 4-H is responsibility. Through raising swine and showing them, I learned how to properly care for another life form and ensure my time, energy and money input were efficiently facilitated.

The greatest contribution 4-H has made in my life is my gained knowledge of teamwork and peer bonding. Through the help of my father, friends and family, I learned when working with swine how to also work with others in challenging circumstances.

The most influential figure in my 4-H experience is my father because he efficiently taught me how to raise swine in a human manner, which allowed me to excel in my swine-showing 4-H experience.

Hiley Obermeyer

Through 4-H, I have learned the importance of both organization and resilience. By staying organized, I am able to more accurately complete paperwork. When completing projects, things don’t always go my way. By having resilience, I have learned to find alternate ways to get the project done.

4-H has brought me confidence. Through my involvement, I have been challenged numerous times, proving to myself the abilities I have and leaving me with confidence in myself.

Over the last 10 years, many people have shared knowledge with me as I worked on new projects and faced new experiences. The most influential to my experience is my parents. They have not only helped me to develop my technical skills, but they also were there to push me when the clock was counting down and I still had a project to complete.

Zoe Plummer

Throughout 4-H, I have learned many life skills. I’ve learned responsibility, leadership and time mazement. From mini 4-H to being a 10-year member, I’ve always had to be responsible for myself and my project. Doing and completing my 4-H projects was the greatest teacher over the summertime.

4-H has helped me decide my career choice along with showing me what I enjoy and what I don’t. I have learned how to take care of myself along with my animal.

My father has been the most influential in my 4-H experience. He was my very first 4-H leader and constantly helped me with all things 4-H

Michael Proffer

The most important life skill I have learned from participating in the 4-H program is definitely persistence. For example, it is easy to pick out a rocket to build for my project, but it takes persistence to see it through to the finished product.

4-H has allowed me to try new things and have experiences I would not have had otherwise.

The judges, especially the aerospace ones, have really made an impact on me by challenging me every year to improve my rocketry skills.

Kirsten Raisor

Through the Jackson County 4-H program, I have learned many life skills that will benefit me in my future. I have learned time management and responsibility by completing and taking projects to the fair every year. I have learned teamwork by working and interacting with my group and Junior Leaders on different projects.

The greatest contribution 4-H has made to my life is the lessons and skills it has taught me. Because of my participation in 4-H, I am a more responsible and detail-oriented person. Because of 4-H, I am a more social person. I have made many friends and relationships through 4-H I will cherish forever.

My mom has been the most influential in my 4-H experience because of the time and support she has given me. From driving me to 4-H meetings to helping and supporting me with my 4-H projects, she is my biggest supporter.

Austin Reynolds

I’ve learned how to work show cattle. I’ve also learned about the different types of feed you can give to help them grow and put on weight faster.

It has taught me how to take care of cattle and other livestock.

My mom and dad have been the most influential in my 4-H career. They buy my 4-H calves and also pay for all of the grooming products.

Tyler Schafstall

Through 4-H, I have leaderships skills by taking on the role of treasurer, health and safety and secretary in my 4-H group. By taking care of livestock, I have developed a love for animals and responsibility. In tractor club, I have learned a life skill of backing up tractor and trailers, which I have used to get my CDLs.

4-H has taught me to work hard to get what I want. During my 10 years of 4-H, I have learned multiple life skills through numerous projects and livestock projects. I have learned about time management, leadership, respect and responsibility. All of these will help me in my future.

Karla Thompson and Bill Baute have been my biggest influence in 4-H. Both of them made 4-H fun, and their knowledge helped me become a leader by trying new things.

Aidan Schroer

I learned it is always important to have good friends who will always be there to help you out.

It has helped me gain many new friends and new people who can help me in life.

Jeff Hackman and Tom Martin have helped me and my family in any and every way they can whenever they can.

Addison Shelton

Quote: “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.” — Taylor Swift

Through my participation in the Jackson County 4-H program, I have gained numerous important life skills. Some of the most valuable skills acquired include leadership skills, communication skills and organizational/recordkeeping skills. Such skills will continue to be valuable as I move onto university-level studies.-

4-H has given me leadership opportunities, reminded me how to learn from my mistakes and grow from constructive criticism and added layers of confidence to my overall being. Many years of my 4-H involvement involved performing for an audience or sitting and discussing my work with an adult, all of which helped to better prepare me for my future endeavors.

There have been many influential people throughout my 4-H experience, including my Dudleytown Redbirds club leaders, my mom and grandma as they helped guide me to complete projects over the years and fellow 4-H members as we learn and grow from one another.

Hannah Stahl

4-H has taught me many important life skills throughout the past 10 years. The first still would be responsibility. While participating in swine for several years, I have had to learn to put my animals first to make sure they were always well taken care of. Every day, they need to be fed, washed, walked and have clean pens. 4-H also has taught me time management. Not only have I been an active member of 4-H, I also was an athlete. My summers were mostly spent in the gym day and night. Although I had a lot of time put toward basketball, I knew I still was responsible for my pigs. This caused me to have many busy summers where I couldn’t always do whatever I wanted. Learning how to balance sports, swine and friends was one of the hardest tasks I had to overcome during my 4-H years, but I am very thankful I learned how to deal with getting multiple responsibilities done throughout my day.

Working with many other 4-H members has prepared me for the future. I feel 4-H has introduced me to learning how to be a responsible adult and also has helped me improve my responsibility, management and leadership skills.

My father has been the biggest influence throughout my 10 years in 4-H. Without him, I would have never been given the chance to show swine and learn the valuable life lessons that have come with it. My love for swine has grown more and more over the years, and I would have never found a new hobby without him. He is there to help with the pigs when he can and has always driven me to and from the barn and also to and from 4-H meetings. Although 4-H has taught me many lessons, my father has had a big impact on many skills I have acquired and will use during all of my future endeavors. Not only has he taught me many things about responsibility with animals, but we also have grown closer over the past several years.

Zoe Stuckwisch

Good communication is a core leadership function and a key characteristic of a great leader. These two skills, communication and leadership, are the two most important life skills I have learned.

4-H has given me the opportunity to become closer to my community.

My brother has been the most influential in my 4-H experience. Growing up in the 4-H community with me was a rewarding action that influenced my experience. We were able to use our swine projects to bond and hang out more often.

Kaylee Waskom

I have learned many skills through my participation in 4-H. The most valuable of these have been resiliency and problem-solving. These are skills that will carry with me as I enter the next chapter of my life.

For the past 10 years, 4-H has served as a creative outlet in my life. It has challenged me to think outside the box and has allowed me to use my imagination as I completed my projects.

My older sister, Laken, has been the most influential person in my 4-H experience. She has always provided assistance and advice whenever I needed it as well as encouragement and motivation.

Lillie Wessel

Through 4-H, I have learned working hard can’t be taught. You actually have to put in effort in whatever project you may be doing in order to get it done right. 4-H also has made me a much more confident person, and I truly believe 4-H has gotten me ready for the real world and has given me more skills I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

4-H has given me so many friendships I never would have made without it. 4-H has given me so many life skills. 4-H has most importantly given me so many memories that will last a lifetime.

Both of my parents and all of my family that have helped along the way, but especially my dad. The nights spent in the barn studying pigs, the early mornings driving to pig shows and all of the little jobs in between, I would never have achieved all of these accomplishments showing without my dad. And yes, it is all the feeder this year.

Audrey Wiggam

4-H has taught me a multitude of valuable life skills over the years, from being able to manage my time between FFA, work, school and various 4-H clubs to learning how to become a better leader by fulfilling many leadership roles. I am better equipped for my future because of my involvement in the 4-H program.

The greatest contribution 4-H has made to my life is forcing me to step outside of my comfort zone. 4-H has allowed me to branch out and strengthen my public speaking skills to be able to become a leader. I also have learned how to interact and form connections with so many different types of people with many different backgrounds. I will forever be grateful for the relationships I have formed through 4-H.

My parents have been the most influential people throughout my 4-H experience. No matter what projects I decided to take each year, my parents have been right there with me helping me do my very best. The Lister family and Kyle Tormoehlen have been a huge part of my last year of 4-H in helping me finally be able to show cattle at the fair. Without my parents, the Listers or Kyle, nothing I have accomplished would have been possible.

Eli Wischmeier

Quote: “Be better today than what you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than what you were today.” — Carey Lambring

Throughout my 10 years of 4-H, I have learned many valuable life long lessons — persistence, resilience, dedication, responsibility, hard work, discipline and how to work with others. To take care of your 4-H project, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work — heading to feed, water, walk, wash, clean pens, tan and condition their hair. It takes a lot of responsibility to make sure these tasks get completed every day.

4-H has allowed me to meet new people and lifelong friends.

My dad has been the most influential to me not only in my 4-H career but in my everyday life. His selflessness, perseverance, passion and hard work are what define my dad and are the reasons I am the man I am today.

Kelsey Wischmeier

Quote: “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” — Psalm 37:5

Throughout my 10 years of 4-H, I have acquired various skills that will be beneficial to me in my future. Time management, teamwork and responsibilities are the most important characteristics 4-H has provided me. The lessons and experiences I have gained through 4-H have helped shape me into the successful individual I am today.

The greatest contribution 4-H has given me is an opportunity to learn and grow within my community. It has connected me with lifelong friends and has taught me important life skills. 4-H has not only impacted me for the past 10 years, but it will continue to guide me throughout my life.

My father has been the most influential to me throughout my 4-H experience. He has assisted me in showing dairy beef steers and has provided me with life lessons along the way. My father has taught me to always try my best and to get the most out of every opportunity.