Locals pay tribute to fathers and father figures

Sunday is Father’s Day.

The Tribune asked local residents to share what makes their father or a father figure in their life special.

Here’s what they had to say.

Zachary Cranmore

Just sending an update from the Father’s Day story you ran back in 2019 on my husband, Zachary Cranmore. We didn’t know we were pregnant and had a little baby girl named Haley back on May 14, 2019. Thought I would send an update and a picture of her now. She just turned 3 this year. We have since had three more little ones. Now a family of six. (Written by Melissa Cranmore)

Tony Thompson

My dad stepped up when he didn’t have to. He came into mine and my sister’s life when I was 1 year old and my sister was 3. He is the most caring, giving, selfless person I know. He is always dependable, and he would give his shirt off his back to anyone who needed it. I also have a son who is now almost 2, and he has spoiled him rotten since he came into the world. My dad deserves the world and more. He is the best father ever. (Written by Savannah Wingler)

Marty Schwab

My suggestion is nontraditional since he’s my stepfather, but Marty Schwab has been a great father to me and a grandfather to my children. My other three parents were teachers and extremely rule-oriented, but Marty, an offshore welder/diver, used to take me out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and in bayous. He always had plenty of time to play board games or shoot hoops with me. I always knew that we were going to have fun together and that he would treat me with respect and not like a little kid. Now that I have kids, he jumped into Scouting with both feet. He’s actually working at summer camp this summer. Marty is so great with people of all ages, and I’m very proud to be his daughter. (Written by Bonnye Good)

Shawn Riley

Shawn is a devoted father and husband, veteran (Marine), local business owner (Seymour Decorating) and he started the Young Marines here in Seymour, where he acts as a leader and mentor to the kids in the program. Shawn is also a great father to a very sweet little boy. (Written by Tracey Henzie)

Robert Wallace

We met in our mid-30s. I already had kids. He didn’t have any. My kids and I were dealing with some trauma from my previous marriage, and because of that, he made sure that every relationship move we made was in the best interest of the kids. We let the kids decide when they were ready to meet him, and we let them get to know each other before we ever decided to move in together. He made sure he had their permission before we got married. When we moved from one town to another, he made sure they would be going to good schools. He taught them how to drive because my anxiety couldn’t handle it. He is patient, kind and loving. He shows up for them every day. He doesn’t ever ask for recognition. He was living a bachelor’s dream and gave it up for four kids that aren’t his. Two of my kids got a raw deal in the dad department, so my husband stepped up and adopted them and made them his own legally. He willingly decided to become legally and financially responsible for two kids when he didn’t have to. It was done out of nothing but pure love. He is the best dad to our two kids and the best bonus dad to our other two. He helped heal four hearts he didn’t break, and we are thankful for him every single day. (Written by Nikki Wallace)

Justen Davis

My brother is 30 years old. His name is Justen Davis, and he lives in Seymour. His father has never been steady in his life. He has two kids, his son, Jackson, who is 6 years old, and his daughter, Addison, who is 21 months old. He received sole custody of his son a few months back, but his son was enrolled in Brownstown at the time. He would drive his son to and from school until the school year ended so he wouldn’t have to switch to Seymour schools with just a few months left. He takes care of his two kids and holds down a full-time job along with keeping things clean and organized at home. Jackson played soccer this year, and he was at every game and practice. He even helped coach one week. He never stops. He is always going. He is a true rock star of a dad. (Written by Rene Gross)

Harold Ruddick

My dad is no ordinary man. He made many sacrifices and provided whatever provisions my sister and I needed growing up. He taught me how to walk, ride a bicycle, respect firearms and care for animals. He taught me how fog forms. He taught me to do everything to the best of my ability and face difficulties head-on. He holds my hand when I need it as well as gives me the freedom to make and learn from my mistakes. His smile gives me peace of mind, his hugs make me feel safe and his love and support give me strength. It is impossible to thank him for all of the other things he has done or taught me over the years. My car-loving, horse-loving, dog-loving, fix-anything dad is the best there is. I am proud and grateful to be your daughter. (Written by Missy Casner)

Greg Prange

He has done wonderful things for not only his kids but also for me and my son, Parker. Even in the roughest time for him, he continues to go out of his way to do things for us. (Written by Valerie Reitman)