Crothersville companies receive tax breaks

The Jackson County Council recently granted tax abatements to two Crothersville businesses on a combined $9.6 million worth of investments.

Sims Bark Co. of Tuscumbia, Alabama, received a 10-year abatement for real property and personal property. The company announced in March it would open a location on a 59.68-acre site off of U.S. 31 on County Road 1150E adjacent to Interstate 65 at the Crothersville exit.

Tampico Grain Co. also received a 10-year abatement on planned construction of two grain bins.

Jim Plump, executive director of Jackson County Industrial Development Corp., spoke on behalf of the companies at a recent county council meeting. Company representatives also joined Plump.

Sims Bark Co. received 10-year abatements on $4,904,000 in equipment and $3,250,000 in property.

Spokesperson Andy Johnson said the company plans to order equipment in late April for four automated bag lines at $1 million each.

The company also plans to construct a number of buildings for its operations.

Johnson said the closing on the property will take place soon, and construction will begin thereafter. There’s an estimated opening date of March 1, 2020.

The company plans to hire 20 full-time employees with combined annual wages of $1.2 million, he said. Employees will be hired before the end of the year ahead of the projected opening date.

Johnson said the employees will not be seasonal but will work throughout the year.

“It’s huge to see this kind of investment in that area,” Councilman Brian Thompson said. “It’s a big deal for Crothersville.”

Tampico Grain Co. received an abatement on a $1.5 million investment to construct two grain bins on its property at 10726 E. County Road 400S, Crothersville.

Company spokesperson Scott Teipen said each bin will hold a half-million bushels of grain, and the business will add one employee. The investment also is expected to create additional jobs for Wischmeier Trucking, which also is operated by the same company.

“I think it’s important what you’re doing,” Thompson said. “It’s a huge benefit, and we appreciate that.”