From WrestleMania to SummerSlam

By Bryan Asbury

Guest columnist

This past weekend, I had another opportunity from the WWE to attend and cover its Premium Live Event, SummerSlam, at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

Growing up a wrestling fan, I always knew that working for the WWE one day was always the end goal.

In 2007, I met current WWE Superstar and WWE Producer Tyson Kidd, and we quickly became friends. He had just gotten signed to WWE developmental, and we grew a friendship that started through MySpace, then Facebook, to texting and finally to meeting.

Tyson is someone who I honestly owe everything to. He’s someone I can rely on both professionally and personally helping me through major life events for the last 16 years. Any time WWE was in town, we would catch up, and he would always leave me tickets for the events. Without Tyson, this dream wouldn’t be a reality. I owe everything I have done up until this point to him.

In 2010, I met Jason Ayers, a WWE official, and I began traveling the United States and Canada chasing a dream traveling from town to town doing independent shows living my dream of being involved with the professional wrestling industry.

I worked for a company called Evolve, which was a feeder system for the WWE, helping produce stars, like Ricochet, Matt Riddle, Jon Moxley, Johnny Gargano and many others, as they rose to fame. I got to travel the U.S. and Canada working in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and so many other places learning the art that is professional wrestling for four years. I made relationships and friendships that last to this very day.

Being around these talents and the developmental system and watching their journeys, I had the idea of launching a podcast that covered only the developmental part of their careers because that is a story that is not often told and a part of people’s journeys that is often forgot about.

I started reaching out to talent I had grown up watching and talent I had worked side by side with during their rise to fame, and I created Developmentally Speaking, where I sit down weekly and talk about their journey through professional wrestling.

While this journey started off slow a year and a half ago, I can proudly say I have found my footing and place within professional wrestling. Now, I am getting ready to surpass 1 million views this week, and my episodes are covered by every major wrestling media site there is on a weekly basis.

This past April, I was selected to go out to Los Angeles and cover WrestleMania 39. I was overcome with joy and emotion as this was a major first step in achieving my lifelong dream, and it motivated me even more to put out more content and produce more interviews and build my brand.

It paid off as I was selected to cover WWE’s second-largest Premium Live Event, SummerSlam, this past weekend. SummerSlam was a blast, and I had an amazing time catching up with old friends and making some new ones along the way as I continue to grow my brand.

Being selected for two of the biggest premium live events that the WWE has to offer is an honor and a show of good faith that I am on the right track. The journey will not be an easy one by any means, but I am ready for the next step in achieving that WWE contract no matter how long it takes. I will turn my dream into a reality.

Bryan Asbury lives in Seymour and has a professional wrestling podcast called Developmentally Speaking. Watch it online at