Wegan W wins regular season crown for 17th time

Congratulations to the 2022-23 regular season champions Wegan W.

Twelve weeks into the season, the red-hot Sauers E had a six-game lead over Wegan W by winning 27 games in a row. Then Sauers went into a slump while Wegan W was winning 17 of 18 games. That left both teams tied for first place with records of 42-12 going into the last night of the year.

As if a script from “Hoosiers,” it just so happened they were scheduled to play each other Monday night. Wegan W won two games by the scores of 5-4, 11-3 and 4-5 to win the championship by one game.

This is Wegan W’s 17th regular season championship (the most in the 70-year history of the league). Sauers E finishes in second place with a record of 43-14, and Immanuel 1 finished third with a record of 42-15 by winning all three games over Dudleytown N.

The league was glad to have new teams Hayden Methodist and Immanuel Darty, and Dudleytown Mets returned to the league after an absence of 17 years.

The tourney will be held Monday at the St. John’s Sauers Lutheran School gym. Serving will start at 6 p.m., and the first round of games will begin at 6:30 p.m. Good luck to all teams in the tournament. The following is the tourney draw:

Round 1 (6:30 p.m.): Wegan B vs. Wegan W; Sauers E vs. Wegan C; White Creek N vs. Borchers; Brownstown 4 vs. Hayden Methodist

Round 2 (7 p.m.): Jonesville vs. Lutheran Lake; Dudleytown Mets vs. Immanuel Darty; Sauers B vs. Immanuel 1; Redeemer S vs. The Pastors

Round 3 (7:30 p.m.): Dudleytown N vs. Wegan B/Wegan W winner; Redeemer N vs. Sauers E/Wegan C winner; Dudleytown D vs. Brownstown 4/Hayden winner; Zion 2 vs White Creek N/Borchers winner

Dartball history: Tourney records

Most tournament championships: (6) Zion 1; (5) Dudleytown N, Zion 1, Sauers E; (4) Dudleytown Mets, Wegan W

Most tournament wins: (70) Wegan W, Sauers E; (55) Dudleytown Mets

Highest winning percentage: (.692) Zion 2; (.651) Zion 1; (.647) Dudleytown Mets

Most runs in tournament: (843) Sauers E; (752) Wegan W; (664) Dudleytown Mets

Highest runs/game average: (9.08) Wegan S 36 games; (7.81) Dudleytown Mets 85 games; (7.69) Sauers X 53 games

Most runs in tournament game combined: (56) Vallonia 34-Jonesville 22 in 1956

Largest margin of victory: (17) White Creek N 17-0 Brownstown 3 in 1986; Wegan S 18 -1 Trinity in 1989

Highest losing score: (22) Jonesville 22-Vallonia 34 in 1956

Most combined runs championship game: (27) Sauers E 14-13 Wegan B in 2005

Fewest runs in championship game combined: (1) Zion 2 1-0 Immanuel 2 in 1962

Highest winning score championship game: (18) Wegan W 18-8 White Creek N in 2008

Number of tournament locations: (7) National Guard Armory 32 years, Immanuel gym 31 years, Sauers gym 2 years, Redeemer 1 year, Brownstown 1 year, SHS girls gym 1 year, Pearl Street gym 1 year